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Monday, October 24, 2016

Tom cruise could have died in the crash of the space Shuttle Columbia

Western media reported that the 53-year-old Hollywood star Tom cruise at one time held secret training in NASA and hoped to become an astronaut. By a Fluke he didn’t hit on a fatal mission of the space Shuttle Columbia disaster which occurred in 2003.

photo: AP

According to the newspaper the Sun, Tom cruise always been fascinated by astronomy and wanted to be an astronaut. However, to be in space he was only in a movie, playing astronaut in the movie “Oblivion”. However, in his biography there is a real attempt to go to space. According to the publication, the actor held a secret NASA training in 2002 and was preparing to become a member of the Shuttle crew.

As told the Director of the documentary film “Space station 3D” Toni Myers, Tom cruise is a qualified pilot, he manages a private plane business-class Gulfstream IV and he had a good chance of becoming an astronaut, but then the accident happened and that was the end”.

We are talking about the accident of the space Shuttle Columbia, which occurred shortly before the end of its flight on 1 February 2003. Shuttle after a 16-day flight back to Earth, but NASA suddenly lost contact with him. Later came footage of flying at an altitude of 63 km of the wreckage. Then killing all seven crew members.

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