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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Third, the primaries of “United Russia”: opportunities and challenges

Puppy dog enthusiasm of the courtiers of political scientists regarding the pre-voting “United Russia” drowns out the rare attempts at sober analysis. We will be lenient. During the election, lie loved not only by candidates and observers.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

However, the need to defer consideration of some already identified issues that pertain to the preparation of and during the voting. For those who understand how the electoral machine, it is clear that this time the real competition has given way to political expediency and the traditional administrative resources. To blame only the local authorities are useless. The distortions inherent in the selected format, the so-called primaries.

Undeniably, a preliminary vote can be an effective way of preparing the party for elections. And for “United Russia” it is particularly useful.

Another thing is that the open format of the procedure is more suitable for staff parties. He performs well the functions of tactical nuclear mobilization of the electorate and increasing the number of supporters.

The proprietary format when the voting participation of only party members and representatives of organizations affiliated with them, it is better, when the elections are seen as a strategic step in the development of the party itself. It provokes a public conflict between the party members and increases tension within the whole structure.

In Moscow has passed golosvanie in the primaries “United Russia” (26 photos)

On the eve of elections that cannot be appreciated. But in the case of mass parties, it overcomes these problems in that it creates good incentives for activists continue a career in the party in between elections.

Few people remember that the ruling party held its first Federal primaries in August 2007. The initiative was unusual, but Vladislav Surkov has decided that the party should try. Unfortunately, the Secretary of the General Council Vyacheslav Volodin did not succeed to organize a complete treatment. The first pancake came out lumpy. The case was pulled on the brakes. Maybe that’s why and tend to forget?

In order that the party bureaucracy did not repeat their “success”, the next time you change the wording of the Charter “ER” in 2009, Surkov insisted on the mention in it of a compulsory procedure of preliminary voting. From this point the party bureaucracy it was impossible to ignore.

However, the second attempt was unsuccessful. In 2011, the United Russia primaries held jointly with the Russian popular front. Camera all the time pulled. Deadlines applications transferred. Even Putin as the party leader was forced to save the situation. Because the party members on the ground now could no longer delay time, the course went favorite tricks. With the help of simple intrigues a number of party members and the young have been deliberately forgotten. I remember it well was offended by a young activist Pavel Danilin, which the Moscow organization suddenly “lost”.

Perhaps the results of this attempt would not have been so sad if, as the authors suggest, were, as today, in one day. But the management decided otherwise. And then all were busy with the lists increase in size of a quota for representatives of the popular front. The results of the primaries were sent to the trash can in front of the famous Congress on 24 September 2011.

The third attempt looks much better. The hype, as already mentioned, a lot. But openness and honesty has not increased. How else can you perceive the movement of candidates from the same region as in another. For example, heavy cannon lost the primaries, not so much because it was weak in the debate, I was put in unequal conditions with the local candidates.

In any case, the actual preliminary voting results will be summed up only after the June Congress of the party in power, which will approve the final list of candidates to the Duma. And here already there are far more arguments and facts. Both “for” and “against”. For example, only the ratio of the number of declared winners of the voting on may 22 to complete this part of the final list and we can talk about honesty, openness and the efficiency of the entire four-month treatment. While the primaries have only confirmed the presence in the party is a convenient mechanism for “democratic” dropouts need, or rather, useless for someone in the party leadership. That is already done.

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