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Friday, March 23, 2018

The wife of the head of security Council of Ukraine Turchinov was attacked by a lawyer

A failed assassin by Anna Turchinova, wife of the Secretary of the Council for national security and defense under the President of Ukraine, according to Kiev police, was Vladimir Olentsevich. Donetsk lawyer famous lawsuits concerning the abolition of the decrees of the former President Victor Yushchenko about assignment to Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych the title “Hero of Ukraine”.

photo: morguefile.com

As previously reported by “MK” on Wednesday in one of the rooms of the Metropolitan pedagogical University named after Dragomanov police detained a man who tried to cut with a knife the head one of the departments of the University. The police immediately called the attacker “Donetsk separatists”.

It was later revealed that this is the same lawyer from Donetsk, which already more than 10 years in a row “terrorizing” the highest officials of Ukraine a reasoned filing lawsuits. In the case of Bandera and Shukhevych Donetsk, the courts have recognized the validity of arguments Olentsevich.

Sometimes, however, it happened and “failures”. So, olentsevichem appeal to the court of pardons ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, Yuriy Lutsenko (former interior Minister of Ukraine, and is now its attorney-General) did not give the expected result. “A false start” and ended the attempt of the gray-haired man from Donetsk to challenge in 2014, the decree of acting President Alexander Turchinov about the dismissal of Viktor Yanukovych as President of Ukraine.

Lesser known claims Olentsevich on deprivation of the title “Hero of Ukraine” of the poet Vasyl Stus and composer Volodymyr Ivasyuk. Both were rejected by the Supreme administrative court of Ukraine.After the appointment of Lutsenko as Ukraine’s Prosecutor General “not perceiving” his lawyer decided to go for more action.

The first “defendant” for what is happening in the country Olentsevich “appointed” wife Turchinov. To find online a photo of Anna Turchinova and her place of work was not difficult. But only after arriving at the scene of the future crime killer-taught goof.

Taking Ms. Turchynov one of the teachers of the University (she wore the same hairstyle as the wife of the Secretary of the security Council), Olentsevich has cornered the poor woman at the office, Department head, grabbed her by the neck, held a knife to her throat and called her… Anna Vladimirovna.

The stunned teacher explained: it’s actually name is different. Standing beside Turchinov screamed. Olentsevich hesitated for a moment – and lost his knife. Knocking the weapon from his hands, the internal security of the University in addition to “hurt” the messenger of the mining region a few strokes of his fist.

After searching the detainee, the police found among the personal belongings Olentsevich setting data on Anna Turchynov and …a copy of the decree of acting President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov on the beginning of the antiterrorist operation (ATO). The lawyer is likely intended to leave a copy of the document at the crime scene…

The investigators allege that Vladimir olentsevich acted at the instigation of members of the government of the self-proclaimed DNR and met on the eve of a planned terrorist attack with the heads of some media.

To check out this version of hard. As well as believe that on Donbass does not professionally trained killers.

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