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Friday, February 23, 2018

“The time machine” said a sad “thank you”

After listening overtures of the song “the World is ruled by love” from the new album “YOU” deserved the rock band “time Machine” his hand reached out to write something like “crisis, inspiring the album, but the enthusiasm waned quickly, and the first happy impression passed as a white Apple smoke. An album that fans waited for for seven years (the previous one, the Machine no Parking”, was released in 2009), recalled the mood of Pushkin’s Boldino autumn, when the great Russian writer because of the epidemic of cholera was cut off from the world was sad and lonely in a country estate.

Photo: press service of the group

The epidemic, which is the same as in the time of Pushkin, in some degree severed from the world, and Andrei Makarevich, connected, though not with the physical, social and political illnesses-neurotic character. When the leader of the “time Machine” started to write open letters to the President, publishing them in “MK”, and generally in every possible way to Express their civic position, on the artist poured a hail of angry cheers of Patriotic masses. Has not done without provocations, even at concerts, where the concerts, not provocation! — for obvious reasons in Russia became much less.

Understandably, however, only from the point of view of the mores and attitudes of the local statist theory (getting up from his knees) and practice (managed democracy). In the world (unless, of course, not North Korea) is unlikely to clear cause can you imagine a call “from above” by “reduction” concerning the undesirability of holding the concert of the legendary rock musician (for example, Paul McCartney — too, I must say, uncle’s tongue) in a particular locality, then all venues there suddenly abandon previously concluded contracts and even hastily “up for repairs”.

In parallel and within the group, were confusion and vacillation. Despite the fire “evacuation” back in 2012 one of the “drivers”-of the pillars of Eugene Margulis, the group is quite cheerful celebrated the anniversary (45 years) juicy and lively concert at the Luzhniki stadium in may 2014, However, everything is just beginning… According to some insider accounts, the team had fermentation due to high-profile political demarches frontman Mr. Makarevich. What’s there in the team, when the whole family in the country was falling apart, and best friends become bitter enemies on a fault line “criminalistical” of spring! Almost like in the 17th — give the gun to hand, would have shot each other with gusto… Until the shootout, fortunately, did not come, but “enemies of the people” and “fifth column” nibble sunflower handful, like seeds.

Fortunately, the band “time Machine” still found the strength to call samoanonion all, what they were going through a midlife crisis. Besides songs, according to them, in such critical conditions was born, surprisingly, more. In addition, mater Makarevich parallel found the strength to work with four jazz projects, to record a solo fun like “the Chronicles of current events”, and Kutikov did — and did! — Muzykantsky brilliant solo album “Beskonechnosti” in collaboration with a group of “naive”, from which, however, persistently sticking out ears not so much “Naive” as the same “Machine” since the “Twist” and other hits preperestroika romantic rock resistance. In General, the creative life and all of the participants and the group as a whole one way or another continued, which led to the recording of the next numbered plates, albeit not very exciting, as it turned out.

The album was conceived as a thank you to fans for 47 years of fidelity: the band decided to announce the collection of selfies and put them all on the cover disk. The disc includes two rarity — recorded back in 1984, the song “strangers among Strangers” suddenly sounds especially true after 32 (!) years after creation, and the ballad “where bright day”, which in 1994 was released on the solo album by Andrei Makarevich “I draw you”. Three more songs — “Rat”, “Mother” and “Behold the land” — were released online as a single in 2012, and the remaining tracks of steel premiere.

The work is saturated with sentences like “I had a dream that people have and not people, I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep, and there will be no dawn”, “night — off, and the new dawn, there is no salvation”, “who’s ringing the bell, for whom the bell tolls, don’t rush, you’ll find out later” and other decadent prophetic inferences. Like the Silver age in the yard… There is, however, cynical and ironic, but no less depressing, for example: “How you loved, prayed and gave to drink wine. As you ridicule, bili, watered by shit” — and so on. In this rock poetry the darkness, however, there are rays of light is, as already mentioned, the first song “the World is ruled by love, unexpectedly knocked out of the context of the manifestation of an ideal and unreal world, as well as the already mentioned “where bright day” and “Once.” Regarding the latter, however, there is doubt (“my dear Friend, you are right, it is not necessary to follow me”), but it is at least written in a major key.

It seems, as an alternative of Mat pauses it’s time to invite the Directors to introduce productions of “pause Makarevich” — the musician always builds her music story, stopping after each phrase — in order, apparently, that the listener did not miss anything important in the text. The album sounds fresh more than recognizable — the same melodic passages, lyrical motifs, a little rock, a little Blues, all subject to relatively strict harmonies and stylistic standards. However, for this style “time Machine” and the public likes, and not only aestheticism. In addition, the group has already reached such a level that any album will be adopted by fans on hurrah, and it did not detract from its merits — like status you need to be able to earn.

The current results of the hit parade

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