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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The result Lazareva still haunts

Euro hit by Sergei Lazarev You Are The Only One blew up not only televoting at Eurovision, but absolutely logical and completely topped with the crazy margin may twenty songs ZD Charts.

Photo: ebu/andreas putting

The success of the artist in Stockholm not only inspired local motormachines, but also unexpectedly sparked hot, passing even in neurasthenia, the debate about the voting system on the contest. Unexpected — because this system (the combined voting of audience and jury) already exists since 2009, with the Moscow “Eurovision”, and no one, in fact, so loud here before not outraged. Outraged, by the way, a few years ago, only one Turkey, which initially expressed distrust of “biased jury” and slammed the door, ceasing to participate in the contest. Logical. Don’t like the rules — don’t participate. We do it all the time happily singing and dancing and suddenly came to their senses — they say that it is impossible to live!

In the loud chorus of our “skeptics” have even heard the voice of Yana Rudkovskaya, caressed by the same “Eurovision” milanisti Grand Prix — Dima, he says, defeated, when the old rules were voted only viewers! The main claim is the opinion of five “strange” jury members (from each country — that is, 5 should be multiplied by 43 = 215) against the opinion of thousands (tens, hundreds, thousands?) the voting of spectators. That is, the snobs, and even “politically motivated” against the peoples! The horror, the horror!

Last year, by the way, Polina Gagarina was also the first televoting, but the amount of points the song A Million Voices took second place, and we’ve had it regarded as a “huge success.” At the competition then immediately declared the overall result, and no one delved into the nuances. This year the competition has gone to unprecedented openness, revealing the kitchen of the vote. They did it for dramatic effect in the show — and got this effect! Now — petitions, protests, outrage…

Sorry, of course — and on what basis any four of the “strange characters”, like the same Bilan, Pelageya, Agutin, Yes, “boring” town, decide for the viewers in the show “the Voice”, someone to take or not to take in your team? But if they are somewhat motivated? Who knows? There are only four. And each with their own cockroaches in my head, but still do not know which foot they rose in the morning! Let all the people decide! From the very beginning!..

Demagoguery of this reasoning is obvious. It is possible and so, and syak, it is now, was once that. Everything moves and develops. From the exclusivity of televoting at the time also refused due to “politically motivated” “neighborhood” voting of new countries — participants of competition. The ideal scheme is not and never will be. Is all only in fairy tales. And a howl of dissent did not arise from principled disagreement with the rules, but because of the span Lazarev, who received the jury’s much lower rating (which, by and large, clear, and understandable as the appreciation at Jamala’s or DAMI Im) than that of the viewers. Would have been a different result, and the current rules here everyone would be loved…

Photo: anitatsoy.ru

■ ■ ■

The nearest “rival” of Sergei during local cockroach racing for a ticket to “Eurovision” was Anita Tsoy. As for water, I must say, she looked, given the kind of popularity was received at the current Korean trend performed (represented by DAMI Im from Australia). However, there was no admission against breakage of the king of pop, prodavlivanija Lazarev almost the last chance on your personal (not performing, but at least the producer) evrotriumf, which always slips away from his work-worn show-business owner.

Optimistic by nature, Ms. Choi to faint that time did not, and with renewed energy and imagination rolled up his sleeves, shooting just crazy for the degree of luxuries and surprises of the track “Aim for the heart”. After the recent album “No Luggage” “rebranding” of the singer, which she masterfully juggled in the last year, reached what seemed to be a limit to perfection. But it turned out that not only the bottom of the fall (for example, our economy) can be infinitely deep, but the perfection is boundless.

Photo: anitatsoy.ru

The singer was invited to cooperate with the British-American team of arrangers, who have carefully studied the musical style of Anita and complemented it with elements of Brit-pop. Classical piano transitions, along with smooth violins, juicy bits, e-venetucci is not false in this context a matter of fact, brand signature melody from the category of proper music, which, as an ideal pattern, lay the traditionally warm timbre of the singer, gave the track it takes a perfect hit. It quickly got to the core of the station, one after another rushed to include “Aim for the heart” in hot rotation, and the result was not long in coming in the may rankings ZD Charts.

Eurovision 2016 . Chronicle of events

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