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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Prosecutor’s office arbitrarily changed the place of death of people in Odessa on may 2

May 26, in Malinovsky district court of Odessa has seen dramatic developments: from-for messages on a mining of the building regular meeting on the case on may 2″ was interrupted, people evacuated. Anonymous also reported about the mining of Appeal and Regional administrative courts. In Malinovsky court had to continue the interrogation of the main witness for the prosecution — Alexander, Pismichenko, but he did not come. Last week, the witness complained of poor health, and twice taken away “fast”.

photo: youtube.com

At the meeting of may 19, Posnichenko identified several of the accused and said that he had seen them on 2 may 2014 in the Greek area during the riots.

Recall that the court in the “case 2 may apply only episode in the Greek area, where clashes between football fans, fighters of self-Defense of Maidan militants of the banned in Russia “Right sector” on the one hand and activists of the movement “Kulikovo field” (anti-Maidan). During these clashes, 6 people were killed: four on the part of anti-Maidan and two of their opponents. In the case of a fire in the House of trade unions, during which killed 42 supporter of the “Kulikovo field”, so far neither the accused nor even suspected. Among those now on trial in Odessa, — two Russian citizens: Eugene Mefyodov and Maxim Sakauov. Pismichenko, is a key witness, it is, in fact, holding all the charges. He has also previously been accused, but after went on to deal with the investigation, was transferred to the status of a witness, and he changed the measure of restraint. In court, he has stated that he testified during the investigation under pressure, but then again it somehow managed to “persuade” to act as a witness. Pismichenko, constantly experiencing health problems (apparently, the effects of “persuasion”), and then it is taken away by ambulance from the courtroom, interrupting him in the meeting.

Without waiting for a key witness, the court before the mining had time to interrogate former volunteer of public organization “Rada gromadsko § bespeki” (RSL). The woman told about a purse that it is in a couple of days after a fire in the House of trade unions gave some “activists” who claimed that it belongs to one of the defendants, Sukhanov. In the wallet was pass Sukhanova and receipts on the purchase of knives and parts for firearms”. The lawyer of one of defendants, Kirill Shevchuk, said that the investigation has no evidence that all these documents belong Sukhanov, and were not planted specifically to discredit the defendant, who was arrested on may 2.

The “MK” was a copy of a fragment of the indictment in the “case 2 may”. This is a very strange document. From this it follows that the investigators believe: all six victims of the clashes in center of Odessa died or were injured at the Cathedral square. Recall that the Cathedral square that day became the “base” of protesters, she gathered football fans, Self-defense and banned in Russia “Right sector”. How could there be four supporters of the “Kulikovo field”? Eugene Losinski was a soldier of the Odessa militia, and the time of his fatal injury is clearly recorded on photo and video. It happened in the shopping center “Athena” on Grecheskaya square when the balcony of the Centre of Bulgarian culture at the crowd “kulikovtsev” and police opened fire from a hunting rifle. On the balcony was a group of protesters, known and the name of one of the shooters: Sergey Hodiak. Presumably at the hands of Hodiak died and mathematician Alexander zhulkov. The time of his injury, also captured on video, he was in the ranks of the fighters of the Odessa militia in the Greek area. Activists of the “Kulikovo field” Gennady Petrov and Nikolay Yavorsky also died on a Greek “Athens”. Why is the investigation needed to “move” them to the Cathedral?

A copy of the page of the indictment.

The answer is obvious. In the document you can read that Petrov, Jaworski and zhulkov supposedly “happened to be” in the place of the riots. That is, of the activists Antimaydana a consequence wants to do “bystanders” who did not die at the hands of a particular armed protesters, and due to the “mass riots” provoked by, of course, defendants.

Interestingly, bystanders, and the investigators believe Andrei Biryukov, who the protesters believe the second victim. Relatively Biryukova do not make it clear whether he was an activist of the Euromaidan, or just passing by on the street. But regarding foreman “PS” Igor Ivanov, such clarity is, but with him at the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office also nonsense. In the indictment specified the time when he received a mortal wound: 16.10. However, as already wrote “MK”, there is a video in which Ivanov is 16.04 on the car near the house №50 along the street Greek. A few minutes later he, the living, again flashes in the video. All there, in Greek. He could not be wounded in the 16.10 at the Cathedral. Ivanov named the document “a party to peace moves (March)”. However, the same video he is shown throwing lit firecrackers. Activists of the Maidan, standing with him in the car, holding the boulders. On the Greek riots are already taking place, flying stones and cocktails, but none of the victims yet, because Ivanov is considered to be the first victim. If Ivanov and Biryukov received a mortal wound in the Cathedral square, who could do it? After all, the fighters of the Maidan was not there.

2. Igor Ivanov on the street Greek. According to prosecutors, at that time he was already mortally wounded.

At the same time, the indictment confirms what was already known from leaked in the Network of documents similar to the acts of forensic medical examination. The reason for the death of Ivanov and Petrov are the gunshot wounds Biryukova — pneumocele bullet wound, the rest buckshot.

3. Eugene Losinski received a charge of buckshot in the Greek area. The Prosecutor’s office wants to turn fighters of the Odessa guards killed by protesters, “bystanders”.

The information contained in the indictment in the “case 2 may”, contrary to the known facts, recorded due to working on that tragic day in Odessa journalists and streamers and numerous witnesses. Arbitrary changing of place of death of victims, the transformation of the activists of Antimiani in the “bystanders” suggests that the investigation of the case is totally falsified.

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