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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Scientists plan to look for life on Saturn’s moon

Last year, the scientists finished the first stage of design of the submarine. According to their plan, this should be a six-meter vessel that within 90 days will overcome 3000 miles by sea Kraken.

photo: nasa.gov

It is the largest hydrocarbon sea of Saturn’s moon Titan. By the way, the Titan Earth-like the fact that there is also rain (although methane) that fill the lake and the sea. The atmosphere of Titan consists mainly of nitrogen, and the temperature is minus 170-180 degrees. Highly organized of living there, of course, will not meet, but the simplest, according to scientists, to dwell can. This will look for the designed apparatus. It will also examine the sediments that settled on the seabed, the weather on Titan and its Geology. Scientists believe that to send a submarine to Saturn’s moon, it will be possible aboard a small space Shuttle. However, to bring ideas to life, estimates of these same designers, it will be possible not earlier than 2040.

As commented in MIPT, is a project for the very distant future, it is possible that in the 40-ies of this century it will hardly be possible to implement. Modern electronics are not designed for finding the temperature of liquid nitrogen. In addition, the Titan still need to get there: the flight there will take ten years. A reasonable question arises: and sure whether mankind that wants to take a dip in a methane lake, and will take anyone to Fund the mission, when it comes down to it? NASA, in General, characterized by unusual projects. For example, one of them associated with the search for extraterrestrial life on Jupiter’s moon Europe, scheduled for 2022. Scientists want to drill there, the oceanic ice, the thickness of which is 30 km away. Even on the Ground so deeply has not yet been drilled.

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