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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Published immured in the garage diaries of the first Chairman of the KGB Ivan Serov

While I heard another statement of the Prosecutor General to the Ministry of culture, the head of this Department Vladimir Medinsky opened in Lavrushinsky lane, next to the Tretyakov gallery the next exhibition Serov. But not Valentina and Ivan, the first Chairman of the KGB of the USSR.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

Vera Serova and Alexander Khinshtein.

In Streletskiy chambers” of the Russian military-historical society was crowded and stuffy. Many people gathered, so remember turn on Serov. The Minister and guests participated in the presentation of the book “Notes from a suitcase”. Its a compiler and commentator became our colleague, now a state Duma Deputy Alexander Khinshtein. The basis of the edition — the secret diaries of the first Chairman of the KGB Ivan Serov, was found 25 years after his death.

The granddaughter of this man, Vera Serova, told “MK”: “During repairs in the garage we found three immured in the wall of the suitcase. They were chock full of manuscripts. More than a year it took to scan the files. View, it displays two of these suitcases. One of the photos you see. Exposed to only the tip of the iceberg, and how much more valuable was found! Earlier about this exhibition could not be considered. In the name of his grandfather imposed was the most severe taboos”.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova
The suitcase with the manuscripts.

Alexander Hinstein has anticipated some questions: “Who of us will accuse that we are trying to rehabilitate Ivan Serov, a figure which is far from unambiguous. Along with the heroic episodes in his biography and grisly acts, including the organization of deportation of peoples during the great Patriotic war. We did not have the task to rehabilitate the name of Serov, or Vice versa. It was important to publicize the historical facts, to give people the opportunity to evaluate the role of this person. He is not white and not black, not a hero or anti-hero, a man of his era. He was, in modern language, effective crisis Manager able to perform any task, set before him the state and its top officials, beginning with the Beria and Khrushchev ending. It was directed by the people’s Commissar of internal Affairs of Ukraine. Beria called him, said that at 18 o’clock train, “Go and gather”. Serov went to Kiev on the day when the Second world war. He led a large plot for the defense of Moscow, member of “the five”, which was ordered in the case of surrender of the capital to destroy the most important critical infrastructure of the city. And he had to stay in Moscow illegally as a resident of the NKVD. It made Serov’s first report to Stalin about the fact that our troops entered Berlin. No career officer of the KGB did not leave behind memoirs, and couldn’t leave. Officers who during the great Patriotic war kept diaries, were subject to the Tribunal. And here people were sekretonositel the highest level — and made notes, where a lot is described, including meetings with Stalin. Serov everywhere appears narrow-minded executioner-Stalinist. Write that he personally shot poles at Katyn, resulted in the execution of the sentence against Tukhachevsky, although at the time of the arrest of Tukhachevsky and he even could not think about the service in the NKVD. It was rumored that Serov went into a deep bout of the offense and shot himself in one of the Arbat lanes. And he died in 1990, and alcohol is not consumed in principle. Our task is to show history for what it is, without gilding, and without a seamy side”.

The diaries described the only visit of Stalin to the front in 1943, which is kept secret from his security prepared Serov. There is in them the refutation of myths about the miraculous salvation of Hitler.

At the end of the event, the Minister Medinsky said: “As if each of us behaved, being in his place? If I received orders to deport people? Would be to discuss it?”

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