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Friday, July 21, 2017

Physicists announced the discovery of the fifth fundamental forces of nature

In the synthesis of beryllium in the bombing of the sheet of lithium by protons, a group of scientists from Hungary have recorded an unexpected phenomenon that can be explained by the existence of a new fundamental force of nature, not outside the Standard model. If the discovery is confirmed, according to many experts, it will be a genuine scientific breakthrough.

photo: Sergei Ivanov

To date, the “fundamental” forces of nature, there are four is gravity and described by Standard model of electromagnetic, weak and strong interactions. Sometimes called the fifth interaction of the so-called Higgs field, which provides the spontaneous symmetry breaking of electroweak interactions, however, formally it is not considered such, and is part of the Standard model

At the same time, a phenomenon that was able to observe a group of scientists under the leadership of Attila Krasnahorkai the transition of an atom of beryllium-8 from the excited to the normal state during the synthesis of beryllium, the Standard model does not fit. According to scientists, under certain circumstances, this process leads to the birth of photons and pairs of electrons and their antiparticles — positrons, with (and this attracted the attention of researchers in the first place) when the angle of scattering was close to the mark at 140 degrees, the number of electron-positron pairs grew dramatically. Researchers from Hungary have suggested that the nucleus of beryllium-8 during their formation in the sheet of lithium emit a special ultra-light boson with a mass of about 17 MeV, which decays into an electron and a positron, and is the carrier of electromagnetic interactions, is able to influence the behaviour of dark matter particles.

At the same time, American experts from the University of California, Irvine, made an even bolder assumption: according to them, the researchers were able to access a full fifth fundamental force of nature.

This is not the first phenomenon, potentially representing a deviation from the predictions of the Standard model. The authors of one of the discoveries that indirectly attest to its inaccuracy, the canadian Arthur MacDonald and the Japanese Takaaki kajita received the Nobel prize in physics. They described the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations, that is, the ability of neutrinos to change from one state to another. The discovery implies the existence of the neutrino masses that the Standard model is contrary. And at the end of last year it became known about the potential discovery of a record heavy boson, the existence of which the Standard model is also not predicted.

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