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Sunday, October 23, 2016

“Never catch up”: Rogozin told about the crisis of the Russian space industry

Vice-Premier of RF government Dmitry Rogozin on the Board of the Ministry of industry and trade stated that Russia lags behind the U.S. space industry 9 times and change the situation, possibly, will not succeed.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

In his words, quoted by “Interfax”, even the most ambitious Russian space projects include increased productivity in the industry only half, but “because we (the USA — ed) never catch up,” concluded Deputy Prime Minister.

As measures of effectiveness he was offered a fight against bureaucracy and another increase in performance. Otherwise, “we will look at NASA and Elon musk”.

Read about the reprimand Rogozin for “East”.

Recall that a private company Mask SpaseX, established in 2002, now offers the lowest prices on space launches, and recently worked with the landing of the first stage booster on a floating platform.

While in Russia the participation of private companies in the development of space technologies very difficult: thus, the creation of a satellite can cost up to 10 times cheaper than receiving all necessary documentation.

Also, the Russian government finds it impossible to give up space launches to private corporations in connection with international obligations of Russia.

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