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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Legends about giant squid-monsters in the oceans of

The study, conducted by a team of British experts under the guidance of Charles Paxton of St. Andrews University, showed that the depth of the oceans can be inhabited by thousands of giant squid–architeuthis, comparable in size to buses and trucks. It makes numerous legends about the Kraken and other huge monsters osminogopodobnoe less than fantastic, consider the biologists.

photo: morguefile.com

During their study, the scientists studied how the rumors about discovered in various parts of the world, the squid and officially documented cases where they were found stranded or caught in the frame of underwater research vehicles (the first such frame was made in 2004). Then the data were analyzed using the computer model, created by scientists specifically for this purpose.

As a result, the experts came to the conclusion that the ocean can swim a few thousand squids, reaching a size of 20 meters. This is much more ambitious score, the most widely accepted date assumptions under which their size can not be more than 13 meters. However, even the new estimate, if it is confirmed, implies that the stories about the monsters thirty meters represent a significant exaggeration. At the same time, people who claim that they were able to observe the squid larger than 15 meters, unable to speak the truth, said Charles Paxton.

The work of researchers published in the scientific Journal Journal of Zoology.

Recently another group of scientists, headed by Zoe, Dalda from Adelaide University, found out that the population of cephalopods in the ocean, despite their dramatic population fluctuations, generally increasing for several decades. Experts tend to associate this with the fact that octopuses, squid and cuttlefish are less sensitive to climate change and less likely to become a target of fisheries that allows them to occupy ecological niches are less fortunate in both these respects, predatory fish.

Previously, scientists and Scotland, representing “project Loch ness”, summed up, according to them, the most detailed studies of Loch ness today, the results of which indicate that the stories about him living in a huge monster represent only a legend, having no basis in fact. The pseudo-science devoted to the search for the mysterious creatures, the probability of the existence of which on the planet in our days, tends to zero, such as Bigfoot or extinct millions of years ago large animals.

Watch the video on “Russian sailors had harpooned a giant squid”

Russian sailors from the vessel the all-Russian research Institute of fisheries and Oceanography came into the fight with a huge squid while fishing. The monster didn’t want to give the catch, but the sailors still managed to ward off the animal and save its prey.However, as it became known to MK, blew up the Internet video was filmed 8 years ago, in 2007.

Video published on the website youtube.com Youtube user Film

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