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Friday, February 16, 2018

It happened: trump became the de facto candidate of the Republican party

As reported by American broadcaster ABC, the flamboyant billionaire and political outsider, Donald trump, despite all the predictions of skeptics and opposition on the part of the establishment Republican party got the necessary votes to at the upcoming party Congress to win in the first round of voting and to obtain the presidential nomination.

photo: AP

News Agency Associated Press conducted another count of the votes of delegates, and during this calculation a number of independent delegates (those who are not obliged to vote in accordance with the results of the primaries in your state) told the AP that at the Congress they will vote for Trump. AP thought, and went to number 1238 that one delegate more than the “magic number” 1237, which allows to obtain the Republican party nomination for President in the first round of voting.

This means that the remaining primaries (they pass from late may to mid-June in California, new Jersey and several other smaller States-would be to Trump – but it will definitely take some portion of the votes in this election – not just the advantage, and the sole dominance. According to all forecasts, the Republican bosses will be afraid to radically change the rules of nomination of a candidate for President, although the party Constitution allows it to do, and a week before the opening of the Congress (it will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, from 18 to 21 July) the procedural Committee will meet for final approval of rules of carrying out of the Congress. Be afraid of the party bosses to go against the “will of the people”: while staunch supporters of the trump and does not constitute the majority among Republicans, and the more General electorate, solid “trumpety” determined, even aggressive.

Someone from independent delegates (eg. Cameron Linton of Pennsylvania) still hopes that trump will not reach the “magic number” and that will be a second round of voting when you can vote for an alternative candidate. “This is a ridiculous candidate, or not say”, ” said Linton. But it added that in the first round will vote for trump, because his constituency was won by the trump. But if the second round is a different matter.

Ridiculous or not, and everyone – including the author of these lines, will probably have to swallow their predictions about what trump will not work because of its unprecedented political mainstream USA odium. The man who calls Mexicans “rapists” and wants to put on the border with Mexico a wall that pays the Mexicans themselves, of course, marginal. The man who promises to shut the entry into the United States for virtually all Muslims, is undoubtedly marginal. The man who denounces the “terrible” appearance that he disliked women, – four times the margin, because in this politically correct Western world, nobody does. But all this and more indigestible “from trump’s” will have to swallow the tolerant, civilized people of American world policy. Trump is a candidate for US President, this can be considered a fait accompli.

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