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Thursday, March 22, 2018

In South Ossetia, called the timing of the referendum on accession to Russia

The President of South Ossetia Leonid Tibilov and the speaker of the Parliament Anatoly Bibilov issued a joint statement saying that the referendum on the accession of the unrecognized by most countries of the Republic to Russia will be held in 2017.

photo: youtube.com

The statement of the politicians quoted by the news Agency of South Ossetia, RES.

The necessity of a referendum is due to “long-term interests of South Ossetian people”, as well as the need “to ensure the stability of the socio-political situation in the Republic.

Read what threatens Russia in the referendum in the Republic.

The exact timing of the vote is not yet announced, but we know that it has to be after the next presidential elections in 2017.

In April of this year Tibilov, speaking about the possibility of running for a second term, said that it is not only “not excluded” but also that “such wishes come from the people.

Then he said that the referendum should be held “until August 2016, have voiced confidence that the citizens will say Yes, and even then it will be possible to appeal to the leadership of the Russian Federation. However, Tibilov, it is necessary to wait for the time when the stars can come together”.

At the moment the vast majority of inhabitants of the Republic have Russian passports (of the country’s population of about 53 thousand people), and official currency of South Ossetia is the Russian ruble. In addition, the official language in its territory together with Ossetian and Georgian is Russian.

However, Georgia still considers the region as its temporarily occupied territory.

Recall also that Russia has not recognized the self-proclaimed DND and LNR in the East of Ukraine, being confined to a statement about “respect” to the will of their inhabitants.

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