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Saturday, February 17, 2018

“History of Russian guilt”: in Kiev held a press-conference of lawyers Savchenko

On Thursday in Kiev, the lawyers pardoned by Russian President Vladimir Putin Ukrainka Hope Savchenko held a press-conference on which has told details of her political rapid release. MKRU led text online broadcast.

photo: youtube.com

Online stream:

15:50 – this press conference is over.

15:45 – Feigin answers the question on the manuals in the Russian press, how to cover certain events. According to Feigin, these manuals from the depths of the structures of Konstantin Malofeev. Feigin recalls the story with the media, which he played. According to Feigin manuals are written for journalists “Echo of Moscow”, “Kommersant” and control of the chief editor, in particular Alexei Venediktov, who is friends with the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

15:42 – Feigin – we specifically had publicly introduced the idea of the possibility of exchange Savchenko Alexander and Yerofeyev, and the first President Poroshenko was against.

15:39 – Feygin says that he met with the US Ambassador Tefft, who took part in the talks between Putin and Kerry. He said that in not directly mentioned, but hinted at the exchange Savchenko bout and Yaroshenko. Tefft said at the time that it was impossible. Also Feigin said that the nominated conditions for the return status of the Russian delegation in PACE for the liberation Savchenko.

15:38 – Polozov stressed that the important thing was not to win a court case, and that Savchenko came home. But if all was according to the law, it would be in Russia never was.

15:36 – Polozov said that in the case of pardon, and of Russia’s transfer of Savchenko to Ukraine under the contract on completion of sentence in the homeland, it would not have served the sentence, because she has immunity as a PACE delegate.

15:32 – Feigin said that April 12 was prepared Savchenko’s release, but that didn’t happen. Feigin says that after this he started a skeptical attitude to this. Feygin also said the date 11 may, when also occurred the failure of the exchange. Feigin believes that it was not someone’s fault, as one party suggested, and the other is silent.

15:29 – Feygin says that in the bureaucracy, too, there are idiots and fools. He talks about the chief of SU of SBU the General Vovka, who did not give billing phone lawyers Savchenko. After that, the solicitors wrote to the MP Vlasenko. Vlasenko went to the head of the SBU Nalyvaychenko and the one called the wolf and the document was issued. Then the same wolf apparently from resentment gave an interview that all lawyers in Russia, the FSB agents. Lawyers told Savchenko and then she wrote a sparkling letter, and then a press-the Secretary of SBU apologized for the wolf.

15:27 – Polozov said that all the phone numbers of lawyers in Russia are monitored and have to crystal clear way of life. He also talks about the different meeting in Russia Alexander and Yerofeyev and Savchenko in Ukraine.

15:26 – Feygin says that now, when all Ukrainian citizens have already been convicted, the lawyer’s role is small. But if need be, he and skids are ready to take on any case.

15:24 – runners urged to seek not only political, economic but also criminal prosecution of persons on the list of whales”.

15:22 – Feigin urges the Ukrainian politicians to help Savchenko, and not only the representatives of the “Batkivshchyna”.

15:21 – Feigin speaks about the need to achieve recognition of political prisoners of the moderate nationalists, which in the EU is a bad attitude.

15:20 – Feigin confirms that lawyers are willing to take part in the work of public organizations for the liberation of the Ukrainian citizens, if it will create Hope Savchenko.

15:17 – runners encouraged to raise the issue of persecution of the Crimean Tatars at the highest level.

15:12 – skids – In the Crimea, the overwhelming majority of targets – the Crimean Tatars, since they are the most actively opposed the annexation of Crimea, the Majlis (banned in Russia – ed.) were initiated protests. What we see now is a revenge of Russian authorities to the Crimean Tatars for their position, squeezing on the mainland of Ukraine the most active Crimean Tatar figures. All of this is served under the slogan of combating terrorism. The judges are citizens of Ukraine, who in 2014 had betrayed the Ukrainian oath, including Poklonskaya.

15:10 – runners answers the question, is there any difference in the release of prisoners in the Crimea and Russia.

15:09 – Feigin – need to solve all the rest of the case is not alone, and all to all. I know that Ukraine is in prison there are still Russian soldiers who were captured.

15:07 – Feygin said that he was sure that Putin will not go for a scheme of pardon, as it would be difficult to explain to the electorate. But it turned out that in Russia you can do anything, without regard for public opinion. He also believes new practice pardon at the request of the relatives of the victims.

15:05 – Feigin talks about how maybe the history of Savchenko to affect the fate of other prisoners. On the one hand, have provided a joint mechanism of a pardon and it could be applied to the patient Soloshenko. But on the other hand, if sanctions are not canceled Vladimir Putin may say that times have not made concessions, then we suspend the process.

15:03 – runners also says that not everything went smoothly among the lawyers, but the most important is the result. He also says that the case Savchenko is not the only one with which they are engaged and the day of liberation of Savchenko’s lawyers were in the Arctic, but immediately moved as soon as it became known about the beginning of the process. They realized that it began after learning that Novikov was not allowed in the jail to Savchenko. This meant that it was taken out.

15:02 – Feygin again stresses that the strategy advocates yielded results.

15:01 – Feigin acknowledged that during the trial the lawyers had disagreements.

15:00 – Feigin, Ilya Novikov has never participated in the political process, but he is a lawyer and we drew. Now we don’t need everyone together to participate in some courts.

14:58 – Polozov said that the VGTRK journalists Kornelyuk and Voloshin were killed along with a dozen other militia near the village of Metalist, because there was a battery of militia, which attacked the APU. According to Polozov shot not by journalists, Savchenko was not there at all.

14:56 – Polozov said that due to the Ukrainian lawyer Alexander Plahotniuc was able to obtain billing data.

14:55 – Feigin suggests that none of the civilized countries did not recognize this court and it was also a political strategy.

14:53 – Feigin talks about the evidence presented to the court in the case Savchenko. Explains that the witnesses were objective data, e.g. billing of phones.

14:51 – Feigin – Yes, this is the episode with the Carpentry challenge. The court had this meeting close to a lie Carpenter was not known. I’ll be sure to spread this entry. But we have handed over to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

14:51 – Question about the episodes that managed to win to lawyers on the process.

14:50 – runners – it is possible that when deciding about the release of the Kremlin focused on the unspoken agreement between the leaders. Perhaps Savchenko’s release is the result of such arrangements may be talking about the easing of sanctions. Do not rule out that there is a big political situation.

14:49 – FeiginWe were silent until that moment, until the plane with Hope landed in Kiev to something not broke.

14:48 – Feigin – We were ready to take on the filing of the petition for pardon, but Hope did not give consent.

14:47 – Feigin – There are such details which become known much later. Nadezhda Savchenko can’t.

14:46 – Feigin – we had a strange official position of the Kremlin, when it was said exactly what is not. Poroshenko announced the release of Savchenko, but the Kremlin has not confirmed. But you must understand that this is happening as the operation and everything was really settled at night in the course of the negotiations “channel four”, although it was discussed very long.

14:45 – Feigin – Attorneys were not party to the negotiations. We knew they were coming. All items we learn after a conversation with President Poroshenko.

14:44 – the Question – “everything was decided in the night, why all the secret ing what was the reason that Hope was released.”

14:43 – snakes – Think our strategy led to the desired result. Move on to the questions.

14:42 – snakes – there Was a time when all could be broken. But yesterday’s events showed that Savchenko returned home a free man on her terms, not acknowledging their guilt. (We should add that the Russians Alexander Yerofeyev and also Poroshenko were pardoned without pleading guilty – ed.).

14:40 – runners – For us it was important to put the Kremlin in an environment in which Nadezhda Savchenko would not stay in Russia even with the pronouncement of a guilty verdict. We initially relied on the politicization of the process, as the legal Toolkit is not working. The only impact on power can be pressure. But as Russia’s internal pressure is impossible, since the political field stripped, it was pressure from the outside. Thanks to Ukraine, Europe and the United States managed to find a point of application at which for the Kremlin was left a narrow corridor to release Nadezhda Savchenko.

14:39 – Nikolai Polozov – in Russia, In such cases, when there is direct interest of the government is to kidnap her from the territory of Ukraine and to hold a show trial and to rehabilitate those who are trying in the DNI and LC set of Russian orders and to cover the adventure of the Crimea. In such cases, the court is just a tool of power. We cannot talk about a fair trial.

14:38 – Feigin thanked the Ukrainian media in the role they played in the liberation of Savchenko, as Russia has no independent media.

14:36 – Feigin – this is not a story of guilt Savchenko, and the history of Russian guilt. It is now clear that in Russia there are political prisoners. All this is associated with the Putin regime. It is clear that Russia today is an authoritarian state.

14:35 – the first almost two years it took to release Nadezhda Viktorovna. He says he started to work at the family’s request and invited in the case of Nikolay Polozov and Ilya Novikov. Our task was to create additional opportunities for heads of state to exert pressure on Russia to release Savchenko.

14:34 Press conference has begun. Mark Feigin said that it is a joyous occasion, as their client released. He also announced tomorrows press conference the Hope Savchenko.


On Wednesday 25 may it became known that Russian President Vladimir Putin pardoned Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko, who was sentenced in Russia to 22 years for the murder of journalists VGTRK in the Donbass. The pardon was held on the request of the relatives of the dead journalists. And at the same time, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has pardoned Russians Alexander Alexander and Evgeny Erofeev, who had been detained in the Donbas and later sentenced to 14 years for “waging aggressive war”. After that Savchenko was changed to Russians – its from the airport of Rostov-on-don to Kiev brought the Ukrainian government aircraft, and the Russians from Kiev in “Vnukovo-2” has taken the Board of STC “Russia”.

The rapid exchange Savchenko on the Russians has generated a lot of rumors. For example, Moscow has already denied the statement that this was a subject of negotiations “channel four”. held on the eve of the exchange. A senior source said that the exchange was discussed long ago between the presidents of Ukraine and Russia, and the remaining members of the “Normandy Quartet” have been just informed. In addition, Moscow has denied allegations that the exchange took place in the framework of the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Mark Feigin and Nikolai Polozov, the Russian lawyers, who all this time was represented by Nadezhda Savchenko in the process, kept silent about the details of its exchange. But today Thursday in the Kiev office of the Agency “UKRINFORM” they promised to reveal some data. Follow our online text broadcast, which will begin at 14:30 GMT.

The Exchange Of Nadiya Savchenko. Chronicle of events

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