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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Extending the food embargo, Medvedev listened to the complaint of the oligarchs

At the meeting, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with RSPP in the Hills it became clear that the state has money and additional opportunities.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs bills itself as a public Association of employers. So technically it needs to defend and the rights of their workers. However, during the meeting in Gorki such fact was not raised: there are more important things to do.

At the beginning of the meeting Dmitry Medvedev congratulated his guests on the Day of the entrepreneur and said: “Enterprise, we have become real estate, and his well-being depends on everything in our economy.” And pleased the business is the fact that prepared a proposal for the President: extend the anti-sanctions for another year. Then, the Prime Minister invited the entrepreneurs to ask for and complain.

The word took the head of RSPP Alexander Shokhin. According to him, in the preparation of various departmental instructions officials too little consulted with entrepreneurs, and in the course of reforming the tax and pension systems, the legislators listen to little employers.

I would like to reduce the fiscal burden: for example, pension contributions concessional from 26 to 22 percent for several years. In fact, now that the preferential tariff is already in place for the lion’s share of the business, but by the end of the year, Lafayette was supposed to end.

Shokhin called the bureaucratic class increasingly closed for business, to which the LADIES promised to open it and briefly repeated the traditional mantra about the fact that will not allow the scaring business.

Long to hold the attention of the head of RSPP did not, and offered to go out with their requests to the Prime Minister of businessmen among whom the meeting was attended by Pyotr Aven, Viktor Vekselberg, Sergei Galitsky, Aleksey Mordashov and many others (a total of 20 big names). So they were better heard, Medvedev called in Slides of the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, his Deputy Arkady Dvorkovich and Olga Golodets and eight other members of the government. Each of them is carefully prepared to record the wishes of the business people in the country.

– And so the conversation was very trusting, we will continue without journalists, Medvedev smiled.

After the meeting, the Prime Minister and the representatives of the “real estate” were cheerful and looked happy with each other. And happily for you, because again government and business are again agreed on everything, once they are well again, and all the other “fake” classes, following the logic of Medvedev, too, should be good.

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