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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Chekhov and Bunin was replaced by Patriarch Kirill

The first revived Congress in 2016, the Society of Russian literature gathered well-known lovers of words — famous for his neologisms President until Spring and Zhirinovsky, of which the rostrum is better not to release — then drag you off. The main objectives of the new education Union outlined Vladimir Putin himself — is the preservation and development of Russian language, the return of interest in reading, support of domestic literature and deepening the humanitarian component of Russian education.

photo: kremlin.ru

The revival of the Society of Russian literature (LFS), which lasted from 1811 to 1930, of course, cannot be considered an accident. Previously his work has already resumed the Russian geographical society (RGS) and the Russian historical society (RIO). So, adherents of the Russian language and literature just couldn’t stay away from the trend. It is noteworthy that all three projects patronizes the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin is the head of the boards of Trustees of the RGS and RIO, and headed by companies is not the last people: geographers defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, historians — speaker of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin. The candidacy of the Chairman, the LFS has been looking for a long time. In former times this position was held by well-known writers and publicists, Zagoskin, Aksakov, Chekhov, Bunin. At the origins of the society was the uncle of Pushkin, Vasily Lvovich, — on the first meetings, he read poems of his brilliant nephew. However, in modern Russian writer, is authority for the Kremlin for the lovers of literature, apparently, was not, and became Chairman of the… Patriarch Kirill. However, it is not for nothing that the Bible says: “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God”…

The Patriarch, speaking at the Congress of the DSB, said that to become the President personally asked Putin. “And this is so important that I couldn’t refuse. Need to focus, to think, to perform, to feel the problems that now confront the people of the country, the literary and the scientific community and in front of the school,” he said.

The Patriarch urged the audience in the hall of teachers-philologists do not be afraid of the word “variability”, which is so fond of the Ministry of education. Main thing is to have plenty to choose from. To teachers not tormented by doubts, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church was asked to make a “Golden list” of Russian classical literature for students with the right choice of teachers of specific works.

Another initiative of Cyril for Unified state examination. On a number of subjects — primarily in Russian language and literature — only to put crosses in the boxes is not enough. You need to add an oral component. This idea with two hands supported the President of the Russian Academy of education Ludmila Verbitskaya. According to her, the oral part can appear in the exam in 2017. Also from next year, a final essay will be assessed points and not on the system “pass — fail”. “The writing will be the most important factor of admission to the exam”, — informed teachers Verbitskaya.

I must say that the room is very friendly and carefully listened to the speeches of Cyril and Verbitskaya. However, the ranks began to growl angrily when the Minister of education Livanov said that in Soviet times the Russian language in General has not been studied in high school. “Most people here connect their personal history with the study of the Russian language in high school. And I also associate”, — the Minister blamed on a short memory Cyril. From an awkward position (while the hall continued to hump) Livanov was rescued by Vladimir Putin. The President, though not included in the governing bodies of ORS, decided not to miss an opportunity to remind about spiritual scrapie — especially in relation to Russian literature of the use of this term is more than appropriate.

— Preservation of the Russian language, literature and culture are issues of national security, preservation of their identity in the global world. For Russians it means to be and to remain Russian, — said in his speech of GDP.

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