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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Wanna join the army? Go to DOSAAF!

During the conscription campaign of 2016 DOSAAF and the Ministry of defense began an experiment: a number of young men wishing to serve in airborne, completed a course of the young fighter before the official conscription. The results of this experiment — whether it will be continued, extended and enshrined in law, as well as on the most massive military-sports organizations of the country — “MK” said the Chairman of DOSAAF of Russia the General-Colonel Alexander Kolmakov.

Alexander Kolmakov. Photo: dasaaf.ru.

— Alexander Petrovich, you have to DOSAAF — a school of pre-conscription youth, which is mainly engaged in the training of future drivers. But since last year, you as a marine have focused on the training of recruits specifically for airborne.

— We started with the airborne troops. Last fall we conducted an experiment: for three regiments of airborne forces has put into operation a completely new quality of training completion. Guys who have expressed a desire to serve in the airborne, within six months was prepared in the course of the young fighter right in DOSAAF, even before they call. They passed 200 hours of basic training, completed three parachute jump, shot, made forced marches… At the end of the training the guys have received a speciality “arrows-skydiver”. Fee parts, where these recruits were intended, they took the exams. Commanders is allowed to adjust the program of combat training is to increase the period of combat coordination units, which in conditions of service for conscripts to one year is very important.

— So, the course of the young fighter you carried beyond year of service?

Exactly. And reviews officers of the military units, where our children are, very positive. They show a great ability to assimilate further military skills, high motivation to serve in the best discipline. And many of the guys have already written reports on contract service.

— And from the point of view of the legality of such an experiment? You arbitrarily increased the lifespan?

— I emphasize: all this is done voluntarily on the part of recruits. We had four of the region where he was involved in such training: in Ivanovo and Vladimir region, Krasnodar and Stavropol territories. When it was announced that we recruit on a voluntary basis, willing to be trained, even from Moscow more than 400 people have contacted us in the office of the Central Council: I want to serve in the airborne, voluntarily undergo basic training and are ready to leave the place where the training will be conducted.

This spring we continue the experiment in nine regions. On our initiative, the Ministry of defense now fulfills the law, tentatively titled “About non-military pre-conscription training” to be able to legally prepare the boys for the course of the young fighter on the basis of DOSAAF, supplying the troops already trained people to service not only airborne, but also in other troops.

— This law still needs to pass the state Duma?

— Yes, but, as experience has shown, for airborne or other elite troops — Marines, special forces — this training could begin before the adoption of this law, as candidates from among the recruits, willing to serve in these forces, very much. The question is that by 2017 fully equip the airborne forces at the expense of our specialists. So it’s time to go beyond the experiment — directly on government contracts. However, this experiment largely happened thanks to untwisted brand airborne, to make the same cut on all the armed forces in General, I think, will be more difficult.

The guys had 200 hours of basic training, completed three parachute jump, shot, made forced marches. Photo: dasaaf.ru.

— Isn’t it time for you to swing training not only recruits, but also contractors?

— And we wipe. Judge for yourself: what difference, to prepare recruits for basic training or on the same basis, in the same way, although different program to fulfill training contract? Soon I’m going to report this to the Minister of defence. Importantly, under this money was allocated for defence Procurement.

— And experiment with airborne you spent over your account?

— Yes. Had to pay for everything from equipment recruits, ending with a set of instructors, with their additional training in the Ryazan school, a training camp… that’s all we spent about 50 million rubles.

— Do you think such spending is justified to prove the defense Ministry its usefulness?

— Yes, in a market economy DOSAAF is important to confirm its usefulness to perform the tasks that the state confronts the armed forces.

— Give concrete meaning to the Patriotic slogans?

— What do you think? After all, DOSAAF at the time it was created as a senior defence public organization. It is besides the base of training specialists for the armed forces was also a school military-Patriotic education for all age groups. And today, despite the difficult 90-s, when there have been major losses of Finance, property organization, when it was reduced the attention of the state, DOSAAF still managed to remain the only integrated structure, which has a network throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

— In the 90s on your floor there were all kinds of organizations, which are mainly branched off from DOSAAF, taking his property.

— Yes. They appeared spontaneously and just as spontaneously left. And DOSAAF was able to save footage, serious property complex, which allows us to position ourselves for an important state tool in the preparation of citizens to protection of Fatherland, in their military-Patriotic education, development of technical sports. DOSAAF — the organization that has managed to stand the test of time. Next year we will celebrate its 90th anniversary.

But to survive in the market, it is necessary as-that to support your base — buildings, structures, equipment, to pay salaries… It requires money.

— Of course, our property and the unit now works partially and to survive in market conditions.

The DOSAAF is a strong base, professional instructors, trained to the highest standards. Photo: dasaaf.ru.

— A few years ago DOSAAF has changed status: from public your organization into a social state. All this was accompanied by heavy fighting — as were supporters of these changes, and opponents. And as it is now? Are you satisfied with the new state status in the market?

You know, we as if two wings: one — our social direction, the other is our public position. But, honestly, these wings are at full strength, do not wave, do not allow to fly. There are many problems…

— How the state can help you to take off?

— In Soviet times a number of areas of activity DOSAAF was financed from the budget. Now it is not. Previously, due to the state purchase was made serious sports equipment, aircraft, fuel, contained a sports team…

Today through the Ministry of defense of Russia in the form of subsidies paid, although not in full, the training of citizens in military professions, is necessary for their preparation technique. A little help in the form of subsidies also have a sports Ministry and the Ministry of education.

But DOSAAF is the opportunity to earn. Having the state status, DOSAAF actually got rid of the competition, was the only structure that prepares professionals for the army’s military occupational specialties?

We are the main executor of the state defense order for training of specialists in military occupational specialties. But there is, however, a piece of the specialty. To prepare such specialists of the Ministry of defense concludes contracts with higher education institutions. But the massive military-registration specialities is engaged in the DOSAAF. We, for example, completely close the issue of driver training.

— And not only for the army?

— Yes, but now the automobile school, shooting sports is a market of services, which were in the field of serious competition. There are a lot of unscrupulous privateers. And we want a single for them and myself of the rules.

— Who gets to work on a common basis and you and them?

— Not everywhere does it. For example, the DOSAAF is a strong base, preserved from the times Union, have professional instructors, so our training meets the highest standards, and serious preparation is worth the money.

A private traders are not too worried about it, approach the issues of learning superficially and therefore dumping. In the result the working conditions for us and for them to be unequal. I wish the government pay more attention to it all. There should probably be some kind of Commission of public control, which could check all participants in this market the presence of an appropriate base, the quality of teaching and so on.

Photo: dasaaf.ru.

— Yet the DOSAAF was not severe state control, a big part of your asset base was lost. You continue to fight in court for her return?

— And very active. And I will say that all the lawsuits we usually win. We have strong lawyers who do a lot for recovering the property complex. This work will be continued more than one year.

— Do not you think that time has already been lost? In school, for example, I had the opportunity to attend the Club of young sailors. There boys and girls, dreams sea, semaforul flags, taught Morse code, rowing yalah… And in the summer he set sail on these ships, which were berthed in area Water stadium. Recently, having been there, I regret to have discovered that nothing more in this place not like the days of my youth in DOSAAF…

— This is just one of those places for which we have a continuing struggle, — the territory of the Moscow Maritime training sport and technical center DOSAAF Russia. Here we have property problems, disputes. But we we do not lose heart. I hope for a proper understanding of our difficulties by the government of the city of Moscow.

And here I would like to emphasise that the property which have DOSAAF, because it is in the regions, the municipalities on their territory. While no one property is going to pick up from there, somewhere to endure. Our task is to develop it so that the head of the municipality, and the head of the region was proud that in his hands there is a tool with which he can solve problems that are put to him by the military and patriotik, and work with young people. We’re not some private shop. We work in the same way as they — in the interests of the people and the state.

— …but also in the interests of the armed forces. By the way, defence Ministry and now you find understanding? And in fact, in the history of your relationship were different times…

— Count the DOSAAF organization that lives by itself, would be wrong. We have created the Supervisory Council of DOSAAF of the Russian Federation, which is headed by the defence Minister and includes high level executives of all ministries and departments.

— Recently, however, “MK” wrote that the defense Ministry takes the L-39 aircraft only pilots from your famous aerobatic team “Rus” from Vyazma. On this problem you finally agreed?

— In 2010, he founded the order of Anatoly Serdyukov Eduardovich about the return of military equipment of DOSAAF, transferred to the Ministry of defense. The aircraft L-39, which are located in Vyazma, to machines of the military. On the basis of the order of the commander videoconferencing necessitates to return the aircraft, although we know that in defense of them enough, and these 10 cars the weather there won’t do. But for us it is a matter of principle — the preservation of the people and school in Vyazma, which is always engaged in flight practice in the interests of the air force. On its basis formed the group “Russia” — the face of aviation DOSAAF. Because I’m going to apply to the Minister of defence with a request that previously taken by the defense Minister Serdyukov, the decision was reversed. I think Sergei Shoigu will support us. Tasks that can be performed by the specialists from Vyazma, especially now, when we fully turned on the full cooperation of air force HQs, will allow us to provide strong assistance to VKS.

— You, as before, plan to participate in the training of pilots?

— Of course. In recent years, many youths from secondary schools-boarding schools with initial flight training, military classes and military-Patriotic clubs have received a first introduction to aviation professions in the airclubs of DOSAAF of Russia, after which many of them have eventually cast their lot with the professions of pilot, engineer, technician. After receiving initial flight training in flying clubs DOSAAF, these guys are usually not expelled from universities for flight school failure. Primary flight training in DOSAAF gives you the opportunity to select for admission to flight school professionally young men that will allow in the future to save a lot of budget.

— Yet the DOSAAF was widely developed sport aircraft modeling. But recently the state Duma adopted a law requiring all aircraft weighing over 250 grams to undergo the state registration in type that is valid for the actual aircraft. In fact, it is the path to the destruction of all aeromodelling sports?

— Here we have to reckon with the fact that security still needs to be ensured. Hence, it is necessary to develop additional control regulations. The measures which suggest themselves: a professional inspection of all models before the competition, setting traps in the competition area who will be able to intercept the model, if it suddenly fly, where not to be. This control model aircraft: what they invent, how is made, what materials are used… of Work and organizational, legal and technical.

— Do you promise that you will not give to ruin the modeling in Russia?

— Of course, not give. Moreover, in our country it is very popular and widespread sport, they deal with people of all ages.

— As for the ages: don’t you think DOSAAF little attention is paid to children and adolescents?

— We change. DOSAAF together with all-Russian public organization of veterans of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation actively supported the initiative of the Ministry of defense to establish a “Warmie”. It will be all-Russian youth movement. The participation age from 10 to 17 years. The creation of regional organizations in 64 regions of the country. The binding is done to the military districts. May 28 in the Park of the armed forces “Patriot” to be held the founding Congress “of Warmii”. From each subject will be coming by 4 members yunarmeytsev together with counselors. Now comes the process of designing and creating forms, logos, symbols project.

Is something like the new pioneer organization?

— I would not say. Much wider problem, events anarmani will be conducted through the Ministry of defence and DOSAAF. We are now completing the legal documents on creation of Association of military-Patriotic clubs of DOSAAF of Russia, which full membership will be included in the Junior military movement.

— The “Uname” useful DOSAAF?

— Understand young people at all stages of his growing up — a product of society. But today he gets little where their public color. It often happens that the young man comes to serve in the army, and what they know about him? Known for his size boots, clothing, the sick, how many had a criminal record… But what is he like as a citizen, what his inclinations, beliefs — nobody knows.

— And about yunarmeytsev will know? What specifically expect them to do?

— Shape same as before. For example, military tactical game, “summer lightning”, “Cossack flashes” and military-historical excursions, festivals of various Patriotic…

— Are you going to create clubs, groups? Where? On the basis of what?

And clubs, and groups will create in the ordinary, and in sports schools in all educational institutions. This also tighten the previously created military-Patriotic associations. Naturally, all unite General statutes, program objectives…

But there are some slogans will not do. If children will not be able to do something real, all over zilch. Hiking, traveling, skydiving, shooting in shooting galleries — it’s all over someone will have to pay. Who? Who will take care of the expenses?

— Russian President in March signed a Decree on creating a national movement of students that will be allocated target budget. Junior military movement, as well as DOSAAF with his military-Patriotic clubs will be a part of it. And, as I understand it, depending on the equity in this unified movement will be distributed and the budget. We, for example, are planning to our database to access military-sports camps. There will be classes on history, sports, military Affairs, and members of DOSAAF jumping, shooting in shooting galleries — all of this will be either free of charge or on preferential basis. We after all, even in the most difficult for our organization the time never forget that DOSAAF was, is and will be a school military-Patriotic education of citizens of our country.

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