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Friday, March 23, 2018

The successor of the deceased leader of the Taliban was a Sharia judge

The deceased leader of grouping “the Taliban” (recognized in Russia as terrorist and banned) was replaced by a Sharia judge mawlawi Heybatulla Akhunzada, said in a statement released by the representative of the organization of Zabiulla Mujahed. The report also States that the former leader of the radical group Akhtar Mohammad Mansour was killed in an attack by American drone on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

photo: AP

“We know that this man is part of the Shura – the Central organ of management “the Taliban” – said “MK” orientalist Andrey Serenko. – Pakistan informal also obeys him. Akhundzada deals with what is responsible for religious-judicial part. In fact, its main specialization is the management of shadow Sharia courts in the Afghan provinces. In fact, Akhunzada is headed by the Supreme Sharia court of the Taliban. This judicial structure, which performs the judicial procedure along with the existing Afghan courts. In some counties, these courts enjoyed a degree of popularity, because they see things without red tape. I must say that some Afghans, especially those living in rural areas, sometimes resort to this because they think that it is possible to achieve justice faster than ordinary courts”.

“The new leader formed no part of the military Committee or the political Committee of the Shura, also says “MK” Andrey Serenko. Is a key structure that set the tone in the work of the Taliban leadership Council. But it has enough noticeable religious authority. He is unlikely to be the sole leader of what was Mullah Omar or Mullah Mansour. I think here we can talk about trying to create a collegial management body, moving away from the unity of command. In this case, the value of this person will be to reconcile the different factions in the leadership of the Taliban, competing with each other, to seek a compromise between them, using religious authority”.

The analyst does not exclude that the new leader will play a role in the rivalry between the Taliban and the Islamic state (ISIS, Isil, the group recognized in Russia as a terrorist and banned).

“An important issue for him will be countering the ISIL, as there is a strong religious component,” adds Andrey Serenko. – The new leader of the Taliban is a moral and religious authority, which could be used in competition with ISIS. Maybe this man will be a temporary figure in the Taliban leadership. If he fails to play the role of mediator between rival groups for influence within the Taliban leadership, then, most likely, will replace him is the group that will win in the end. In any case, you should not hope for some change in Taliban strategy or truce”.

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