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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The state Department and the Pentagon disagreed on joint operations with Russia against ISIS

The US state Department admitted for the first time the possibility of carrying out joint operations against ISIS in Syria. The Pentagon flatly rejects such a possibility. In practice, cooperation in the air it’s possible, experts say – communication between the Russian base Hamim and the American center in Jordan has already been established. The obstacle is politics – first and foremost, the question of who to bomb.

The United States is not currently planning joint military operations with Russia against the terrorist organization “Islamic state”, said Pentagon spokesman Michelle Baldanza. Thus in the US Department of defense commented on the statements on the consultations on the subject, held not only from Russian but also from us officials.

“We really are discussing, and at the field level, interaction with the American military experts in the region”

So, on the eve the official representative of state Department mark Toner said that the US and Russia discuss ideas for joint operations against the “Islamic state” in Syria. The representative of Washington for the first time made a statement of this kind – which is obviously contrary to the policy pursued by the war Department.

Last week at the Pentagon the same Michelle Baldanza said that the US does not plan joint operations in Syria. Similar statements have been made repeatedly since the Russian space forces in Syria – so the United States responded to the appeals of Moscow to coordinate efforts against terrorists.

May 25 Russia offers U.S. to begin joint action planning and air strikes by troops “Dzhebhat an-Nusra” in Syria.

Triple blow at the citadel of ISIS?

Simultaneously with the statement of the official representative of state Department Mark Toner on the Russian side has made a specific proposal on the coordination of actions. The Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov said that Russia is ready to coordinate efforts with the US-led coalition and the Kurdish militia for the liberation of the city of raqqa – the “capital” of ISIS in northeast Syria.

The statement of the head of the foreign Ministry came shortly after the statement of the representative of the Syrian Kurdish party the Democratic Union Ibrahim Ibrahim. In an interview with “Interfax” Ibrahim stated that the Kurds during the assault on Raqqa will coordinate the operation of both the United States and Russia. We will add that at the end of April it became known that the army of the Syrian government with the support of the Russian space forces are planning an offensive in the direction of Raqqa and blocked the militants in a large city of Deir ez-Zor.

Sergei Lavrov, in his commentary, which is quoted by RIA “Novosti”, said: “I can’t say how real the reports that such actions have already begun, but what we are ready for such coordination, I declare. Raqqa is one of the objectives of the antiterrorist coalition, as well as Iraqi and Mosul. We are convinced that it would be possible to efficiently and quickly release these settlements, if our military (Russia and USA) started to coordinate their activities much earlier.”

“No one promised anything better”

Hopes for cooperation with the United States were in the 90s, in the 2000s years, but in the 2010s, it is time to say goodbye to them, especially since we are talking about cooperation against terrorists, said in comments the newspaper VIEW President of the Middle East Institute, political analyst Yevgeny Satanovsky.

“But if this is the correct terrorists, reasonable, useful? In the end, they recommended that Saudi Arabia. Given the amount of funding for lobbying purposes in the US by Saudi Arabia, why should they pay attention to the fact that we give them all the evidence that this is pure al-Qaida is of a different type?” the expert noted.

He recalled how mark Toner said that, in his view, the group “Ahrar al-sham” – not a terrorist organization. “At the same time, why is she not a terrorist, after what he showed in the photos and the videos of mass killings, reprisals against the civilian population, he said. From his point of view, since it (the”Ahrar al-sham”) recommended to the Saudis as a negotiator, then so be it,” said the source.

What extremist groups are recognized as terrorist in different countries (infographic)Russia still makes sense to offer cooperation to the US at least there was an understanding that they tried to cooperate, the expert believes.

Therefore, “we really are discussing, and on the field, a very high level of interaction with us military specialists in the region,” noted Satanovsky, said that the defense Ministry continues to negotiate with the Pentagon, the Russian military on the basis Hamim continuously in contact with the center of Jordan in Amman. However, this is only discussion, the source said. “We have to work as we work on the principle of “sama-sama”. No one promised anything better”, – concluded the expert.

In General, however, said Satanovsky, the cooperation between the U.S. and Russia against ISIS in Syria, of course, possible, but in that moment, “when America gets a few heavy strikes on its territory, with a magnitude comparable to or exceeding the scale of the September 11 disaster. Then the United States will get sufficient impetus to cooperate with us. Prior to that, about this collaboration it is pointless to dream”, – said the interlocutor. He also noted that “the American position in contradictions, by definition, does not happen. She is always irresponsible, and always extremely stupid from the point of view of the interests of America itself. America’s interests, such as preventing September 11 and other terrorist attacks) and the interests of us government agencies – two different things”.

“Who can be bombed, and who can not”

In Syria, there would have been joint operations, primarily the air forces of Russia and the United States, suggested in an interview with the newspaper LOOK military expert, chief editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Victor murakhovski.

“Always better to work together, because this is not a simple addition of forces, as shown by military practice. Usually this gives a cumulative effect – increasing the efficiency of such operations,” – said the expert.

What made the army of Syria with the help of Russian troops (infographic)He added that “to harmonize operations forces special forces, of course, no one ever will be, the more Russia and the United States. Murakhovski reminded that the peculiarity of these forces is to operate in a mode that does not provide for the transfer of information about these actions.

However, the issue of Russia’s cooperation with the United States “not military, but political. And from the US must be a political solution”, stressed the source.

He, as well as Satanovsky, said that the American centre in the Jordanian capital Amman and on the basis of the Russian Hamim are in a constant exchange of information.

But the Americans can’t agree on a list of groups: what should be considered terrorist and which the so-called moderate opposition. “We need to identify the areas of the respective groups to determine who can be bombed, and who can not. In it there is a political divergence between Russia and the United States and its allies. So long as the conduct of joint operations is impossible”, – said the expert.

Not ready to abandon the overthrow of Assad

If that is the possibility of joint operations with Russia against ISIS, one can see the discrepancy between the positions of the state Department and the Pentagon, concerning the “regime of Bashar al-Assad” the General line remains the same. The above mentioned state Department spokesman mark Toner said bluntly that the United States will not abandon the demands for the removal of Syrian President from power, even for the sake of preventing further bloodshed.

When he once again reiterated “the view” saying that Assad “has no place in future Syria,” it said, “are you Ready to swallow this view (to abandon it), if you will thus be able to achieve the cessation of fighting?”

“No,” said Toner.

The reason for the conversation on this topic was the request to set the priorities of U.S. policy in Syria. The Toner itself in the course of the briefing, in particular, said: “of course We’re happy when DAISH (the Arabic name of the terrorist group “Islamic state”, IG) where any knock. But hardly a good replacement occurs when these places is a mode, given his track record against the Syrian civilian population”.

This approach was criticized at a meeting on Syria in Vienna on 17 may, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. He then quoted one of his colleagues at a meeting of the International support group Syria: “We’ll bomb the Nusra front (terrorist group “Dzhebhat an-Nusra”), and who will take on the position which it now occupies?”

“This is a “Freudian slip”, – said the Russian Minister. – It means that people feel that categories are incompatible with the approaches of the UN Security Council. It turns out that “Dzhebhat an-Nusra” is considered as a deterrent of the current regime, this is a dangerous development of events”.

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