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Friday, July 21, 2017

The government multiplies innovative clones

In Russia there is another structure on the sharing of the state pie. It will be called the Agency for technological development (APR) – the curator of the Ministry of industry and trade. On 26 may, Prime Minister Medvedev said that finally signed the document on creation of this Department. On a plan of officials, the APR will provide Russian companies assistance in acquiring in the first place, foreign high-tech patents and licenses. It turns out, the authorities acknowledged that the import substitution in the country is neither good nor bad, but such hyped innovative projects, as “SKOLKOVO” and “Rosnano” has proven ineffective. Their costs are disproportionate to the benefits. Moreover, under the roof of Ministry of industry and trade, the Agency works with a similar name – the Russian technological Agency. But it is engaged in domestic development. Why would this Agency not to charge the purchase of foreign technologies. It would’ve been cheaper.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The first idea of creation of this Agency announced in late 2015 in his address to the Federal Assembly Vladimir Putin. Apparently, native Russian know-how not in demand in business. No matter whether we are talking about scientific discoveries or about the results of the activities of organizations such as “Rosnano”, “SKOLKOVO”, where a huge amount of money buries itself in the sand and almost no breakthrough startups.

For example, during the years of existence of the Corporation “RUSNANO”, headed by Anatoly Chubais, the government invested more than 300 billion rubles. Chubais has recently claimed that it will take another year or so and the total taxes collected by the state from all built factories, will be more than that invested in the “RUSNANO”.

As it is not so. A striking example – Novosibirsk plant “Liotech” for the production of lithium-ion batteries. For several years he had time to open, restart, change the name and go bankrupt. Now RUSNANO is trying through the court to return the invested 7.6 billion rubles of state.

However, once the President said is necessary, officials said – will be done. Prime Minister Medvedev signed a decree on establishing an Agency for technological development.

It will appoint managers and determine potential markets. While it is understandable – it’s the engineering, construction, pharmaceuticals, IT, biotechnology etc. On all that in 2016 the budget will allocate about 200 million rubles. Full the APR will earn next year.

In any case, the new management team will require a deep understanding of the industry ability to join the Russian customers with the developers, to calculate the commercialization of the projects.

Many ultimately will be funding? The appetites of the Ministry of industry and trade is good. According to officials, that Russia lags behind the countries – leaders on volume of import of technologies. In particular, last year we spent for these purposes only of less than $2 billion, while the United States bought foreign technology by $35 billion, Japan – $19 billion and China at $15 billion.

Moreover, from our $2 billion half of the costs are for engineering, on the import of already Mature technologies, while the share of purchases of patents, licenses, know-how is only 10%. Asia-Pacific needs to increase this figure. Probably, it will be difficult to do in terms of sanctions the US and the EU. After all, part of the technology, for example, oil and gas, prohibited for export to Russia.

Presenting at a meeting of the government’s new brainchild, Dmitry Medvedev has made another bold statement – the Agency needs to reach self-sufficiency. However, when exactly is not said. That is, domestic companies received from the ATR of various technological products, will be required to return the money spent. In addition, ATR will have the opportunity to obtain a stake in the company, becoming its co-owner.

Anyway, the idea of self-sufficiency still looks utopian. Our business is accustomed to that state funds should develop, but did not return.

Besides, in Russia, has organized a huge number of development institutions: the mentioned “Rosnano” and “SKOLKOVO”, Russian venture company, etc. Just over twenty.

So I might as well create a new Agency, and to do it on the basis of the Russian technological Agency. If anyone knows, there is. The title is almost a full clone and it is also functioning under the roof of Ministry of industry and trade.

Of course, now there swear that they will not allow duplication. View. Officials are able to quietly say “excuse did not work”, and then quitting.

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