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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Crimean museums have not seen the promised restoration

During a recent visit to Crimea by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, among other things, held a working meeting with the heads of the Crimean museums. The main theme of the meeting was, as usual, money. Is allocated in January 2016 1.2 billion rubles for the restoration of historical monuments are covered, but find out how to develop these tools, no one. Therefore, in a situation I tried to understand at least we.

The contractors have not even begun the restoration of monuments for the tourist season, nothing will change. For 5 months went to bureaucratic attempts.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

In January of this year “MK” has learned that within the Federal program in Crimea were transferred 1,237 billion roubles on restoration and emergency works on the Crimean monuments of culture and Museum complexes, as well as 574,1 million for design and survey works on restoration of objects. Responsible for distribution of these funds was a Committee on the protection of cultural heritage of Crimea. It was he who entered into contracts for the restoration work with the companies-contractors.

24 may in the Parliament of Crimea held a meeting on the subject of funding the cultural sector. The Deputy Chairman of the state Committee for the protection of cultural heritage of Kazakhstan Alexey Balances reported on the distribution of funds under the Federal program. The allocated funds: “In particular, the Palace “swallow’s nest” – 132 million rubles, the Livadia Palace complex – 83 million roubles,… the Vorontsov Palace – 119 million rubles, … the Bakhchsarai Palace and Park complex – 148 million rubles, the House-Museum of A. P. Chekhov – 40,5 million roubles, Sudak fortress – 31 million rubles…”.

This money guide of museums not seen, however, and the reconstruction. This “MK” was told by the Museum workers themselves.

Rustem Umerov, a leading architect of the Bakhchisaray Museum-reserve:

– Restoration has not yet begun. Now there are some preliminary design work. You first need to restore the Khan’s mosque. When will the works themselves, I can’t know. The contract was signed between the Committee for the protection of monuments (the state Committee for the protection of cultural heritage of Crimea, and the Moscow company “ATTA Group”, which will deal with the restoration. Beat us to it. The contract was awarded directly. We were not participants, and bystanders.

Alexander Titarenko, Director of “House-Museum of Chekhov in Yalta,”:

– We provided the contractor with a complete list of the documents that we have was a passport on the object of cultural heritage “House Museum of Chekhov”, regulatory documentation, to hold the restoration in 2010, as well as all the information about the trend of landslide. Themselves of not being. With a certain hand is good. If the restoration carried out in our Museum, you will have to close. Ideally, they should not begin before Oct. Soon the tourist season.

– What are the acute for the Museum of the Crimea were the topics covered at the meeting with the Prime Minister on 23 may?

– At a meeting with Medvedev discussed the possibility of building restoration workshops on the Peninsula. I think a big problem is to carry on the “mainland” items. We lose interest of 20% only for transportation, maintenance and insurance subject series of the allocated amount for restoration. The money can restore an additional 1-2 subject. In my Museum was not done, restoration of more than 20 years. You first need to restore paper documents: letters, books, furniture, household items, glass, metal, wood, fabric materials.. Regarding funds allocated and will increase, this issue will be comprehensively dealt with by the Ministry of culture of the Crimea.

Raisa nowicka, Director of the Museum-reserve “Sudak fortress”:

– A few years ago, when they started to break down some of the towers of the fortress, we sent many letters to the state Committee for the protection of cultural heritage. We have compiled inspection reports and asked for help or permission, own funds to start preliminary work on conservation. In 2015, we were told, the towers of the fortress will be included in the Federal program. In the end, the fortress did not wait for the start of the restoration and in one place had collapsed.

With regard to the means of FTP, we are not responsible for their development. Money came to the state Committee on environmental protection. 29 December 2015, he signed a contract with the company “Corinth”. Representatives of the contractor several times came to a pain in the neck, demanding to provide the documents what we have. All because of an earlier fortress was a branch of the reserve “Sophia of Kyiv”. Re-registration documents under the standards of the Russian Federation is very slow. We are like beggars, go, please place rather state documents.

– And the restoration has already begun?

-In the Federal target program of the 64 objects of the fortress came only 7. Therefore, we decided to with income-generating activities, with its own funds, to enter into a contract for design and survey works with the Crimean company. And that still included in the Federal program, frankly, still have not begun to do. Last meeting with the Prime Minister raised the issue of preserving our fortress. Said, everything will be fine and the process will accelerate. I should hope not. Everything goes very slowly.

Note that on may 23 at a meeting with heads of museums of the Crimea and Sevastopol, Dmitry Medvedev, noting “not brilliant” as objects of culture, recalled: on the restoration of the cultural heritage of the region will allocate 2.6 billion rubles under the Federal target program. Genuinely surprised that raising the subject of billions, no one bothered to inquire about the fate of the funds allocated in January on the program.

We got in touch directly with those responsible for the distribution of money Belyantseva Alexei, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on the protection of cultural heritage of Crimea.

– Money on the program were selected in January 2016, contracts with contractors were concluded in December 2015. It’s been about 5 months. That during this time managed to do?

– Company-the performers have carried out the necessary research. The final reference for each object needs to be a few days. Many projects have been prepared, they are in agreement. Without this coordination, the performers are unable to begin the restoration. After project approval we give contractors permission to conduct the restoration work themselves, and they can start..

-Specifically for objects?

– With regard to the Sudak fortress, according to preliminary data, the survey was able to figure out why there was a destruction of one of the towers. In the near future we should get suggestions from the contractor on how best to conduct restoration work.

– Museum workers say that the work has not yet begun and the timing of the process is not known. When you start to act?

– It is clear that museums, palaces, parks live from the tourist to the tourist season. The work will be organized so that there was no need to close the object. This issue will be discussed with the Directors of museums. You may decide to carry out work at night or parts.

– Money on the program are the contractors?

– The entire amount is not handed over to the performers. They were paid between 1.2 and 1.5% of the contract value. The full amount the contractor will receive only after the execution of the works.

On 24 may, the Chairman of the Committee on the protection of cultural heritage of Kazakhstan Sergey Yefimov said that this fly the restoration will begin. “The bulk of the work promised to be completed by 20 August,” local media reported. I wonder what it will be able to restore the contractors for 3 months, if the paperwork had to spend as much as 5 months.

The Return Of The Crimea. Chronicle of events

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