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Friday, March 16, 2018

Portuguese scout could to cooperate with the SVR because of problems with a pension

A scandal in Rome, where the alleged red-handed was arrested a veteran of the Portuguese intelligence services, passing on some sort of secret Russian documents, may complicate relations of Russia and Italy. But most likely, if this arrest had taken place, our compatriot will be released. However, in the case can intervene aggressively the injured party, NATO.

A senior official of the Portuguese foreign intelligence and, presumably, the employee of the Russian special services were arrested in Rome on the tip of the security services of the NATO and Portuguese counterintelligence on the eve. Allegedly, they were caught red-handed when transferring Portuguese Russian secret documents about the activities of NATO and the EU for a reward. The Portuguese will be extradited to his homeland, where it awaits a variety of charges, including espionage, revealing state secrets and for some reason (but important) corruption. Embassy of Russia in Rome this event is not commented.

“For a long time Portugal was a Paradise for spies on a par with Switzerland, Austria and Sweden”

The arrested Portuguese name is Frederico Gil Carvalho, he is a veteran of the local special services. Stated that he holds the post of Deputy head of the Portuguese foreign intelligence Service of strategic information in the interest of defence (SIED). According to another Portuguese structure – counter intelligence, Service of information and security (SIS), Brigadier Carvalho himself, as they say in this world, “initiative” was published on some Russian intelligence (in Portuguese and Italian sources called the SVR, which traditionally did not comment on) in 2014 and offered his services to provide secret information. Claimed that he received for each submission document 10 thousand euros in cash. This is logical, because you can avoid tracked through the system of tax control payments to Bank accounts.

Portuguese intelligence is not the most efficient in Europe. Initially, the Portuguese secret services were incarcerated solely for Africa and grew during the colonial wars. But after the separation of all major colonies in Portugal, I forgot about the existence of such a state attribute, like intelligence. The domination of the British intelligence services on the territory of the Republic was global, and retired jamesbond received the right to settle there, for the heat, cheap, port and sea, which are so fond of older British.

For a long time Portugal, with all its military coups, the “red carnations revolution” and the Movement of the armed forces (it’s such a political party) was a haven for spies on a par with Switzerland, Austria and Sweden. No one is touched, and well-dressed gentlemen were quietly strange conversations in bars on the waterfront. The situation changed in the mid-80s, when the Armenian activists seized the Turkish Embassy, and an unidentified person (although we all know, you are talking about) killed in Lisbon representatives of the Palestine liberation Organization. Thoroughfare on the outskirts NATO had to close, and the Portuguese government has attended to creation of own special services.

Trained personnel were not, in addition to those supplied by the foreman, Durrow, Correira – the permanent head of the Department of military intelligence since 1997. Despite the exclusively military nature of its activities, Correira actually put under the control of the entire personnel structure of the Portuguese intelligence service, which recruited mainly from ex-military employees of the military information service and the mercenaries who fought in Mozambique and Angola. This “human monopoly” until very recently, was a headache for the General intelligence services of NATO and the EU, because to control this kind of surround system, it was very difficult because of ignorance of the local situation.

In recent years new frames were selected with obvious difficulty and have overly depended on having special training in the UK. The result is a gradual squeezing out of the machine Portuguese intelligence veterans get replaced by young employees who have a special relationship with NATO structures.

Presumably, Frederico Carvalho also could face retirement with big financial losses that prompted him to cooperate with the Russian special services. It was specifically noted that he gave the classified data that is not directly related to Portugal, and about NATO and the EU supranational structures. And if you believe the Portuguese and Italian sources, collaborated Carvalho with something Russian for more than two years, in modern conditions is a very long time for traditional human intelligence. Its development was initially led by the Portuguese secret service, but the case was then referred absenteesim structures, which in itself is a gesture.

Human intelligence has not been canceled and will not cancel never. Nothing is more important than direct contacts and direct information, whatever it was. While no one has yet invented a more effective contacts with the agents, in addition to personal meetings. Yes, there are many ways of communication could be closed by including shortwave transmitters and Internet. But the authenticity of the documents of a certain kind can be confirmed only their physical presence, and to convey them is possible either in person or through the recesses. With this incident, apparently, we are now dealing with.

Veteran Portuguese exploration and the veteran to understand surveillance. As for the Russian officer (if any; Embassy and SVR, we recall, did not comment), then such operations usually send the newbies. Take the container to meet people in cafes, talk on the phone – a lot of interns, and this practice is not purely Russian, but also, for example, the British too. People with diplomatic passports and immunity, a name and experience to substitute for a simple, but extremely dangerous operations, no one will. Such people will sit in a closed room of the Embassy and wait for the result. Much depends on the understanding of the situation by the trainee and the level of its preparation. It’s his job – to notice the surveillance, his task is half a day to travel around the Eternal City that gives a lot of opportunities to break away from a possible “tail”.

Here it is obviously not in Russian (if, again, was generally). Surveillance Carvalho was conducted over two years, and it was he who brought the intelligence. Another thing is that the initiative for disclosure of this story clearly came not from the Italians and the Portuguese. Lisbon makes no sense to dwell on domestic issues and gaps in the field of national security, as well as to the Italians not to hand to admit that in their territory happen this kind of event. The initiative came from General of NATO structures, who considered himself the injured party.

In the near future all this will lead to some additional difficulties in Russian-Italian relations, which at the pan-European background seemed relatively stable. At the same time, the probability that a Russian citizen, despite not having diplomatic immunity, will be released and transferred to the Embassy because of any illegal actions against Italy, he did not commit, and a General arrest warrants “in favor of NATO” does not exist. Whoever this Russian, legally Rome has no reason to detain him. If only the Portuguese authorities will not go to the principle.

In this sense, particularly important is the accusation Carvalho in “corruption”, under which the Lisbon understands bribery of public officials. This is the only reason that could complicate the release of the Russians, since the jurisdiction of this accusation can be transferred directly to Portugal, which would require his extradition to Lisbon. But this development will complicate relations of Moscow and Rome quite so much that Italy does not need.

And what sort of secrets of NATO and the EU wanted to pass Carvalho Moscow (or already passed) – the problem of NATO. For two years he was under surveillance, and not the fact that available data were not provocation. But what was before them – is another question. Now let themselves scratching their head.

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