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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Plans and Erofeeva Alexandrov: urgent to fall into the hands of the Russian doctors

After a long detention in the remand prison of the Russian citizens Aleksandr Erofeev and Evgeny Aleksandrov, in exchange for Nadiya Savchenko, were transported from Kiev to Moscow by a special flight of STC “Russia”. And if the Ukrainian pilots were greeted as a national hero, which has big political plans for life, our guys have now only one plan — to undergo treatment and rehabilitation, as reported by “MK” by their lawyers.

photo: youtube.com

Wife met returning from Ukraine Alexander Alexander and Evgeny Erofeev.

Alexander and Evgenia are a lot of relatives — thank God there are parents, and sisters with brothers. The meeting was attended not all. And so all the family are delighted to see them. I myself only today have parted ways with the boys – told “MK” the lawyer of the Kiev bar Association Valentin Rybin, defender Alexander Alexandrov.

– What plans the guys have for the future?

– I think today it is too early. Today is the day when they met up with the family. All enjoy this event. I like meeting guys? I think it is appropriate to the situation in which they returned back. Too much pathos is not necessary. I am extremely happy that they were at home after a long, 19 may 2015 stay in the detention center. As they say, enough to set foot on his native land….

– They were tortured?

– The conditions were heavy. After all, they needed surgical treatment. Sasha received a severe wound in the thigh, Eugene – a right hand. The first thing they need upon arrival at home, in medical care. Yes, they performed the operation, inserted the implants. But if he can move normally, then Sasha had problems with a nerve in the radius. It would be hard to own hand. To dress himself he still can, but the letter the family wrote with difficulty, and notes.

Today they flew out of the Ukraine – the time and place of departure I can not open it. No Souvenirs Sasha I have left. I think the time for gifts have come. I will come to visit him, if invited.

– The boys are now in Moscow under guard, — said the “MK” Oksana Sokolovsky, the lawyer Evgeny Erofeev. – Jack called me on Skype, said that everything is fine. His wife met, will undergo a medical examination ( he received a severe wound in the forearm). Resting now. I think that the children met only the wife, caused by conditions of secrecy of the operation. A very small circle of people knew they were arriving today and that they are pardoned.

As a military man, who was watching both the arrival and the boys and Savchenko, – I believe that we have that was pathetic, a disgrace. The plane, two wives in the open field. It doesn’t work on the prestige of the state, ” said a military journalist Grigory Pasko. Is ex-military, and such an attitude is a spit in the direction of the forces. And so there are very few true professionals left. Okay, two days about guys all forget. And the young will not have the desire to go to the darling army. And from the guys already refused, when told that they, being dismissed, went there. Of course, no meetings with students they will not in the future. And medals do not give. And Savchenko – The Hero Of Ukraine.

Once, I remember, were three competing office, the GRU, SVR, FSB. And they all had their own chiefs, in the GRU – came from the army. Then all of these departments began to lead the people of the FSB, and became a three-headed Hydra. And the competition was over, and the professionalism was gone.

What are they doing? Usually these go on a business trip and organise themselves around activities is information gathering, Subversion, training of the separatists. Organising. They should not be given to Shine and lit up – then all you be paying. If you guys met the first person I would have not worried. And now — arranged by guards in any supermarket. And well even if they have not filed a case for treason: they had not died a hero’s death, and told that from the GRU. In our country always there is such possibility.

The Exchange Of Nadiya Savchenko. Chronicle of events

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