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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Moscow police looking for “riders” on Gelandewagen criminal case

Race through the streets of Moscow of the SUV Mercedes Gelandewagen, one of the passengers whom was the son of the Vice-President of LUKOIL, an apology will not end. The young man had to repent in public, but in GU Ministry of internal Affairs conducted an audit and attracted violators under several articles of the administrative code. Not ruled out a criminal case that could set a precedent in the framework of Russian law.

The chaos will end

“You see how much they are on the streets of Moscow were engaged in the outrage, disturbing public security”

Participants in the recent race in Moscow on the Mercedes SUV, among whom was the son of a top Manager of LUKOIL Ruslan Shamsuarov, can become involved in a criminal case on hooliganism, said the head of the Moscow GU Ministry of internal Affairs Anatoly Yakunin.

“Today and tomorrow examine this situation under articles 144-145 of the criminal code. And if there are seen signs of malicious hooliganism, should be prosecuted,” he instructed Yakunin at a working meeting on Thursday, reports TASS.

“We will create a precedent in the framework of the law of the Russian Federation”, – he added, with a challenge to detain two of the races, make them a material for disobedience to the police and send them to the court. “You see how much they are on the streets of Moscow were engaged in the outrage, disturbing public security, endangering the lives of Muscovites,” – outraged the head of the Moscow Central Directorate of police.

He stressed that with the chaos on the roads will be finished, Recalling that thanks to the tough stance of the police was previously solved problem “shooting weddings”.

“You remember four years ago how much we had brave men, who on the streets at weddings shot. And only thanks to the media, the public, our tough position now this is no problem,” said the chief of police, explaining that then there was a 5-6 criminal cases.

“All were arrested, convicted in Moscow courts and sent to prison,” reminded Yakunin.

Returning to the current incident, the chief of a Central Board has mentioned and their subordinates who did not take the necessary measures, not detaining offenders: “What is it? Negligence, incompetence, ignorance of the law? It is necessary, through its own security to see if there’s interest… which In this example take the situation, the consequences of inaction. By impunity, they begin to create chaos,” – said Yakunin.

In GU MVD in Moscow with the VZGLYAD newspaper reported that the head of Department personally watched the video of “races” and expressed the opinion that for the drive when at risk the lives of road users, offenders should not be just fined, but arrested at least 15 days.

“They should be held accountable not only for violation of traffic rules, but for disobedience to the lawful demands of police officers”, – he stressed.

In respect of police officers which ruled only on fines for participants of the “race”, initiated by the service check. The perpetrators will be brought to disciplinary responsibility.

Later, the chief of capital management of traffic police Victor Kovalenko said that the driver of the SUV additionally brought to administrative responsibility – he now faces arrest for up to 15 days.

“At the direction of the chief of the MIA was organized to track down and arrest the driver, who was driving the SUV. The violator was detained and delivered in OMVD on Gagarin district. Has drawn up administrative protocols for traffic on bike lanes, on the lanes designated for oncoming traffic, for management of transport without a license plate, for journey on forbidding signal of a traffic light and turns under a prohibiting sign, the driver was identified as unpaid fines. Has drawn up protocols under article 20.25 of the administrative code of Russian Federation (“Evasion from execution of administrative punishment”) which prescribes punishment in the form of arrest up to 15 days, or correctional labor up to 50 hours, and according to article 19.3 of the administrative code (“disobedience to a lawful order of a police officer”), which also provides for the arrest up to 15 days,” he listed Kovalenko and added that “not all administrative materials on the driver of the SUV were composed on the spot.”

Source TASS in law enforcement bodies has informed that administrative materials relating to the “riders” are already transferred in court.

Part of the protocols against 24-year-old Muscovite were made at the scene. The night before he was arrested again, and then against him was made the administrative material according to p. 1 of article 19.3 of the administrative code.

According to the source, the young man was remorseful and accepted all the alleged offences to him.

Prior to this it was reported that police are investigating the Amateur video of the chase several of the patrols of the traffic police for reckless drivers on the SUV Mercedes G63 AMG. One of the participants of the company – the son of the senior Vice-President of LUKOIL Ruslan Shamsuarov – laughing, tells how they tried to escape from militiamen.

The investigation started after social networks were the appropriate video (caution, plenty of profanity).

Violators were recording the incident on a mobile device and broadcasted it for those interested, with the help of the Internet resource Periscope. Prosecution of young people by the police lasted about five hours – from 6.00 am to 11.00 am on 22 may.

No apology that will not affect

Note that the son of the senior Vice-President of LUKOIL Ruslan Shamsuarov apologised for multiple violations of the rules of the road and attempted to hide from police on the SUV Mercedes Gelandewagen.

“I hate that I became a member of such a history. The only explanation for our behavior – good mood after a visit to the club, that does not justify us. We behaved unworthily. So I want to publicly offer my sincere apologies for yourself and your friends with the traffic police, all participants of road traffic, Moscow and, of course, to my family,” wrote Shamsuarov in Facebook.

“I understand the inadmissibility of such behavior for an adult and will do everything possible to prevent this from happening. I would also like to thank the police for their restraint. They maintained absolute calm and acted strictly within the law,” he wrote.

LifeNews also wrote the apology of a young man in the video. In this video, Shamsuarov notes that “when everything is over, we have issued in accordance with the laws, has written all the protocols, all violations, all of this recorded and we are completely drawn up, as it should be.”

Media reported that located in the cabin of the SUV she could be a passenger of the BMW, provoked in October last year a major accident with loss of life on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Shamsuarov denied this information, noting that the girl after the accident was to drive much more cautious, and now in the car was the “other girl”.

As told the newspaper LOOK member of the Public Council under research Affairs of Moscow the General-the major of internal service, retired Valery Gribakin, the story races through the city and disobeying a police officer “disgusting.”

“And most importantly not even the fact that they broke the rules of the road, and how they behaved with the police, the authorities, and they behaved very rude, disrespectful. So leave the situation is impossible, – he said. – I think that they need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Not sure what I will be talking about the criminal case, but if their actions fall under article of the criminal code, then of course, you need to attract. They also endangered the lives of others”.

Referring to the apologies of one of the defendants in the case, Gribakin said that said Shamsuarov words lie only in the moral plane and should not affect the outcome of this incident: “it was his moral duty. Yes, rightly so, that he apologized, but I think it has no impact on the results should not be”, – said the expert.

In turn, the head of Movement of motorists Russia Victor Pokhmelkin said he was not surprised by the behavior of the “Golden youth”. And in General this is not the first such case.

“We have a whole cohort of people who can afford to do on the roads, and not only on the roads, whatever they want,” he said in comments the newspaper VIEW. – This is another proof of it. What to do? You need to make the punishment was inevitable and all were equal before the law, not so that justice triumphed from case to case”.

According to Pokhmelkin, it’s good that the guy apologized, before there were similar situations, and with even more dire consequences and even victims, but no apology was not. “However, we can not only believe the words of a young man, that he fined that all issued under the law. I would like to understand what the specific punishment was applied, which is fine. I would not want to he said beautiful words took on the responsibility,” – said the expert.

Signs of the criminal case offhand Pokhmelkin the actions of the people from Mercedes did not see, but in the framework of the Administrative code of the guys it would be possible to do the tougher, the expert believes.

A trail of other scandals

Recall, people close to LUKOIL for the second time come under public criticism due to road incidents.

In February 2010 a huge public outcry had an accident on Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow, when in collision with a Mercedes S500, carrying the Vice-President of LUKOIL Anatoly Barkov, killing 36-year-old Olga Alexandrina, who was driving the Citroen C3. Passenger subcompact – 72-year-old Professor of Scientific center of obstetrics, Vera Sidelnikova – also died in hospital a few hours later.

The investigation concluded that the culprit of the accident was Alexandrina, and closed the case in connection with her death. However, the relatives did not agree with the decision of law enforcement and appealed to the constitutional court. In July 2013 the deceased Alexandrina was again found guilty.

Recent high-profile case involving violations of traffic rules by representatives of the “Golden youth”, took place in Moscow in October last year. Then in the center of the city as a result of the accident burned two cars. The driver crashed into a Ferrari they disappeared. According to preliminary data, the man at high speed lost control, went into oncoming traffic and collided with two cars. Found the culprit of the incident in one of the capital’s hospitals. He was a son of a major Israeli businessman Thomas Leviev. He was right, he was not the owner of the car. And initially the police tried to mislead, saying that Thomas was not yet 18 years old. But then it became known that he is already an adult.

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