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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Liar Hillary” is inferior to Trump: what happened to the favorite of the election campaign

“A month ago, writes The New York Times, Hillary Clinton was leading well ahead in the polls held across the country, as well as in the United States with an unpredictable outcome. Today, it is at best only slightly ahead. And some polls even show that trump leads”.

photo: AP

What happened? How former us Secretary of state, Senator and first lady were equalized at the chance to take the Oval office with the flamboyant populist, who until recently was considered nothing more than a clown in the pre-election stage? The author of the publication in The New York Times, Nate Cohn, expresses the opinion that trump and Ms. Clinton evolution of support for these candidates by the electorate goes in opposite directions: an increasing number of Republicans reconciled to trump’s candidacy as the inevitable candidate of the Republican party, while Hillary can’t overcome the rejection that it causes a large part of the Democrats.

In order for the General election in November of this year, Hillary Clinton was able to confidently walk in front of trump, she has to enlist the support of those she “not loved” and who support an alternative candidate from the democratic partyBernie Sanders. Today a third to a half of supporters of Sanders (different surveys give different figures) is not ready to vote for Hillary, if Sanders would go the distance and call their constituents to support the former Secretary of state. Mathematically is disappointing for Ms. Clinton picture: today’s her slight advantage over the trump inter-national in the polls is simply because in America, more voters-Democrats than the Republicans, otherwise she would actually trailed in the Wake of trump.

Analyst of CNBC’s Jake Novak believes that trump increased their percentage in the opinion polls in their own hands and not due to the unpopularity of Hillary. He points out that trump is very productive and continued, in reference to Hillary, labeling their political opponents. Ted Cruz – the Senator-the Republican from the race – trump called “lying about Ted. Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida and younger brother of former President George W. Bush, he was called “sluggish Jab.” And Hillary Clinton is successfully stuck the nickname of “the liar Hillary”.

Then trump put on his future, opponents additional unflattering definition for each target audience has its own. So, fanatical supporters of the free gun ownership trump says Hillary will take away from them each trunk. More moderate conservatives, preoccupied with foreign policy failures of the United States, trump recalls that all the failures – the “merit” of Hillary, who in Obama’s first term was in command of the Department of state. Women trump reports that Hillary herself was to blame for the many adventures of bill Clinton, “the left”, saying that this vixen first pushes (your bitchiness) husband into the arms of other women, and then these women viciously pursues and poisons. The people of progressive, left-wing beliefs trump presents Hillary as “a servant of wall street”, which is fed with the hands of big capital and always been pleased and will please.

Well, and, of course, trump swinging cuts plain truth about everyone and everything, while Hillary holds down a politically correct conventions. For example, he once said about another plane crash with Egyptian airliner that this – the attack (later, such an assessment was expressed by many authoritative experts); Hillary in this respect is silent. It is silent about the scandalously bad work of the TSA – office of transport security, the fault is in many US airports, the security checks was for passengers the ordeal (one of the main chiefs of the TSA just sent in his resignation. Trump, meanwhile, speaks about the TSA and decidedly unflattering.

Another strategy trump against Hillary, support her democratic opponent of Sanders. Trump insists that the party establishment of the Democrats unjust, unfair and biased is configured in favor of Hillary, for her, creating all kinds of privileges, and Sanders – on the contrary, obstacles. The purpose of these performances trump in favor of the Sanders – to pull up the part of his supporters who never want to vote for Hillary. A lot or a little will be able to lure them after the release of Sanders of the race (and this, obviously, will happen) – not the essence, the hen pecks grain by grain.

Analysts say that Hillary loses points because: 1) too unqualified support of President Obama; 2) too passive behavior, in which trump has seized and holds the initiative; 3) too bland without spice and peppercorns, agenda, which does not inspire voters. Three “too” – this is too much.

Well, if we add some new accusations and revelations from the bowels of the FBI and the justice Department (they may be announced in the near future), then Hillary will lose to Trump. If she wasn’t forced to go the distance – then the Trump will face Sanders, and he, according to polls, going to beat trump with a big advantage. The latest survey from NBC News / Wall Street Journal showed the gap in favor of Sanders as much as the whole 15 percent!

But while Hillary is the democratic “Queen of the ball”…

Ilya Paranicas, New York

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