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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Lectures about Bulgakov Marietta Chudakova sang Ukrainian song

Writer, literary critic Marietta Chudakova was surprised his admirers. The lecture, dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of Mikhail Bulgakov, it was accompanied by singing in the Ukrainian language. This song can be found on the pages of Bulgakov’s “White guard”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Marietta Chudakova

The class began in RIA “Novosti” on the theme of “How to recover a completely unknown biography of Mikhail Bulgakov, and what we still don’t know?” Chudakova showed a thin booklet, it is very expensive. It includes students answers to the question: that they are close and interesting in Ukraine. The answers were different, including aggressive, written, according to Chudakova, under the influence of parents. But they went into the book for completeness.

Marietta omarovna the likes such experiments. It is, for example, I read with interest a school essay about what the 90s For Teens Chudakova has high hopes, therefore, travels around the country, meets with students in libraries. Delivered hundreds of books to schools from the fee for the publication of his work declined. The important thing is to contact “smart people 10 to 16 years.” “All my efforts are aimed only at adolescents have not been corrupted. You see how this pure soul. And they are in families instill morals: I want to live – learn to spin. Created such an atmosphere where corruption is the norm,” said Chudakova.

A book for teenagers, she believes “notes of a doctor” Bulgakov. Meanwhile, long-term surveys of students their favorite novel “Master and Margarita”. Read it starting from the age of 12, when there is no interest to Pushkin and Gogol: “In Bulgakov Teens can be lured into classics to bring to Pushkin, Gogol, Bunin, which are present in the works of Bulgakov”.

With the widow of his favorite author Elena Sergeevna Bulgakova Chudakova was familiar since 1968. And recalled the story greatly mangled the publication of “the Master and Margarita” in the journal “Moskva” in 1966. Committed an act of vandalism Deputy editor in chief Boris Evgeniev in order to free up the place under his own opus “In London the fall”. It so happened that in 1977, fate brought Chudakov with this person in the House of creativity of Latvia in Dubulti. Desperate Marietta in the forehead asked whether everything is as they say. Evgenev and involuntarily blurted out, and then sternly asked: “are You a party member?”. Upon learning that no, he added: “If you were a party member, I would sue you for defamation in the party”.

According to Chudakova, Bulgakov did not want to stay at home, he wanted to go and printed in Europe. Elena took out “heart of a Dog” in Germany under the lining of the coat to there to publish it…

Biography “Biography of Mikhail Bulgakov” Chudakova collected bit by bit. About it because almost nothing was known. So she talked with hundreds of people up to the 92-year-old classmate of the writer Evgeny Bukreev.

Chudakova has studied the collection of denunciations, among the defendants found those who have been to the Bulgakov’s house…

Marietta Omarovna sure if Mayakovsky shot himself, they would have agreed with Bulgakov. This death has made on Bulgakov strongest impression. Dying Bulgakov, according to the testimony of his wife Elena Sergeevna, wrote: “Mayakovsky to read as follows”. And Chudakova confident that Bulgakov in the end of life who came to see him told Boris Pasternak (and he liked) about “the Master and Margarita”. “Doctor Zhivago” says Chudakova – the only novel, which is similar to “Master and Margarita”.

Marietta omarovna spoke about the historic context: history of Russia would have gone differently if not for Lenin and Stalin”. Chudakov was surprised that we go out 100 books about Stalinism, and at the same time in the Mari village establish a monument to Stalin. Local officials claim that on private land you can put any monuments. Want some citizen to erect on its site a monument Chikatilo, Goebbels or Himmler – please. And we have no business?..

In 1966 the first in a collection of selected prose was published in Bulgakov’s “White guard”, reminded Chudakova. And began singing a song in the Ukrainian language. Her piece is available on the pages of “the White guard” – sung Petlyura headed by Colonel Kozyr-Leshko:

The guy behind the guy, guy,

Gai greens…

There screaming divinely

Volik little black…

Screaming… screaming,

Not vmila Galati.

Tai hired kazachenka

The viola grata.

Chudakova sang it for the first time, visited recently in Kiev in Bulgakov Museum with a lecture.

In conclusion, the Marietta Omarovna praised by modern historians, particularly Alexander Pijikova involved in the study of the old believers. And reminded of Katyn, where “throw it away 22 thousand Polish officers, killing 300 people every night.” Also Chudakov said that he remembers “Dmitry Kiselev decent man” – she stood, note in the holding company, which he directs. Stream lectures at that time, was online.

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