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Saturday, March 24, 2018

In Moscow opened a memorial plaque Lyubovi Polishchuk

To the house 8, building 2, in the Large state-owned lane carry white roses with light green trim — favorite flowers of Lyubov Polishchuk. She lived here from 2000 to 2006, and here she opened a commemorative plaque. To recall the famous actress, came to her loved ones, comrades on stage and the fans.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Alexander Shirvindt says favorite artist.

— In our interview Lyuba said: “Sergei, if you hurt someone — tell me, I would enter with the right foot,” recalls the husband Polishchuk Sergey Tsigal. — She was tall and physically strong. When I brought her home, said my father constantly offended, and asked to deal with it. But this time mom made meatballs, which attracted Lyubka in our home for 24 years. It is an essential part of our family, although he was from another city and not our profession. Parents loved her for her beauty and talent, but most of all for what was a crazy hard worker…

All these features are reflected on the bronze plaque. Her a young artist surrounded by roses. The work was informal, lively and with a soul as she Polishchuk. The authors — sculptor Alexander Tsigal and architect Evgeny Polyantsev.

Why a commemorative plaque installed only 10 years after death, said Leonid Yakubovich: “I Appeal to the authorities in the face of present officials (looking in the direction of the Deputy mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov and the Deputy of the Moscow city Duma Evgeny Gerasimov): I hope that someday will change the idiotic law allowing to establish a memorial Board not earlier than 10 years after the death of the departed. Didn’t think I’d open a Board Lyubov here, in front of his school, in the courtyard, where Smoking on the change, the Reason is clear to me, but I don’t know his tone. Thrills, the burden of loss have passed, but there was a slight sadness and memory. It was a man-burlesque, the walking turbulence, when it all sang. Almost his last words Luba shouted Kobzon: “Ioska, I want to live”… They hung over her entire life: from the appearance in Moscow and progibanija through all the curved lips”.

— Liubka was piece lady Manca and amazing, ” says the artistic Director of Theatre of satire Alexander Shirvindt. — Once we went on tour with the play “Celebration” in Kharkov. It was February, there was snow, the flight was delayed for five hours. Then in the waiting room of the airport Liubka began to lay the table, including a cognac… After that, we still fly, about 22.30 to reach Kharkiv theatre: an auditorium full of people waiting for us since seven o’clock. We no, but we begin. In the forefront charismatic, as God dandelion, Mikhail Derzhavin, is Polishchuk and suddenly falls into the orchestra pit. Then Lyubka with one hand grabs the Bear by the scruff and lifts him to the stage. Here she was whole.

In Moscow opened a memorial plaque to the actress Lyubov Polishchuk (27 photos)

A commemorative plaque will be reminded of the talented, free and bold Polishchuk. About the artist sharp mind, whose assessments of what is happening today is not enough.

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