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Monday, March 12, 2018

European liberals dream of Empire

The head of the faction of liberals in the European Parliament, guy Verhofstadt, gave a correspondent an interview, which can be considered for liberals, the software, and not only for European. Blaming Putin for the troubles that have befallen the EU and the Russian denying voters the right to choose, it is indistinguishable from imperialist that finally discreditied liberalism.

Former Belgian Prime Minister Verhofstadt is one of the few European politicians caught in retaliatory sanctions list Russia. In the program interview “the German wave” he talks about his vision of the situation in the EU and in the world. And this interview is extremely interesting from the point of view of studying the way of thinking not only of the European liberals, and only Russophobic political wing – and in the European Union, and Ukraine, and in our country. At least some of the statements Verhofstadt would look quite organically in the performance of Petro Poroshenko or Mikhail Kasyanov.

“Putin helped? And to whom he threw off the Russian bombs? On the strength of the remaining moderate democratic opposition!”

So, to warm up the main liberal of the European Parliament made the following statement: “I am not against Russia as a country or Russians, I just do not think Vladimir Putin is a democratic leader.” Any explanation he gives. “Do not think” – and all. No results of will of citizens of Russia nor of numerous surveys (which were carried out including the Western service) for him there. That is the phrase of the policy should read as follows: “I am not against Russia as a country or Russians – I just don’t care for their choice.”

However, then it becomes clear that the choice of the citizens of the countries of the European Union he also do not care.

The interviewer (Zhanna Nemtsova, if for someone it is essential) recalls article Verhofstadt, with the biting title “to Indicate Putin in his place”, in which euroliberal accuses the Russian President “in four of the six crises faced by Europe”. Somehow just the smell of the Ukraine, where Putin personally supervised the dispersal of the euromaidan and all operations of the rebels in the Donbass and did not allow Poroshenko to sell Roshen” and achieved double growth of tariffs of housing and communal services. “The cat threw kittens is Putin’s fault”.

In the above-mentioned material of the Belgian ex-Prime Minister attributed to Putin, the organization for Europe the following issues: the war in Syria, the unprecedented influx of refugees, the Russian expansionism and the return of nationalism in political life. In financial difficulties and the intention of Britain to withdraw from the EU, Verhofstadt Putin why-that is not blame, although in other comments, he claimed that the Russian President will be the only man in the world who will benefit from the “Breccia”.

In an interview to “Deutsche Welle” Verhofstadt formulates another problem of Europe, the culprit calls Putin: “He doesn’t like that in Europe, there is no single energy policy, he doesn’t like the idea of strengthening energy cooperation between European countries”. A common energy policy, we recall, is when the first Brussels is seeking to stop the project “South stream”, and then much more gently, but persistently tries to persuade Berlin from the expansion of the “North stream” and simultaneously puts pressure on Eastern European countries, requiring them not to cooperate with Rosatom. Like in any language the words “pressure” and “cooperation” are not synonymous.

Arguing that Putin is to blame for the growing popularity of nationalist parties across Europe, Verhofstadt delivers probably the most important statement in the entire interview: “We need a truly United Europe. All 28 countries – members of EU should convey the same message. Later, he repeatedly returns to this idea: “the EU should be a common foreign policy”, “We need a European equivalent of the FBI,” “Europe should not become a Confederation, a Federation with a strong government controlled by the Parliament.” And finally blurts out: “as long as this continues, Putin no reason to fear the EU – why should I?”.

Here it is – the biggest dream of the chief liberal of the European Parliament! He wants the European Union became a full – fledged state with a common army and a powerful intelligence Agency. Why? The neighbors were afraid! And the now independent countries prepared a simple role: they will be required to convey the same message – that they descend from Brussels.

It is not called liberalism. This is called imperialism, and even without the prefix “neo”. Sure, European Nations, about sovereignty, which was extracted with a weapon in his hands. Guy Verhofstadt knows best what you need. You need to unite under the rule of the liberals to scare Putin.

Recall that the Western countries in 1812 and 1941 had already teamed up to scare Russia. The result is known.

The interviewer seems to feel that the conversation went in not quite the right direction, because said: “did you have some kind of evolution of views? And what or who were the catalyst for this?” “I was a liberal and still remain a liberal in the classic sense of the word,” categorically meets Belgian ex-Prime Minister. And event that influenced him, he calls the genocide in Rwanda, during which for two months had killed more than 800 thousand people.

“We as the international community did nothing, except for a number of errors – recognizes Verhofstadt. – After this investigation, I became a different person. I realized that there are things more important budget deficit or debt level. The most important thing is humanity, it is human life. It is important to avoid tragedies such as occurred in Rwanda. And my objectives in the policy were the fight against injustice and humanitarian disasters.”

What can I say. The Messiah complex is a significant reason to go to a therapist.

As a means of coping with humanitarian catastrophes” Verhofstadt, in particular, refers to military aid to the Syrian opposition, which, in his opinion, was insufficient – it was necessary to give even more weapons and actively bombing the positions of Assad. Russia’s role in the emerging turnaround in the fight against ISIS (banned in Russia) Verhofstadt, of course, in emphasis does not see: “Putin has helped? And to whom he threw off the Russian bombs? On the strength of the remaining moderate democratic opposition!”

However, at least the cause of LIH calls it right: “ISIS came into Syria from Iraq, where it appeared as the result of the US invasion. I was one of the few who opposed this invasion, it was a huge mistake”. It is logical that the person who dreams of a new European Empire, not like the behavior of the American superpower, which has primarily across Europe.

Also Verhofstadt (even surprising) doesn’t see “the Russian trace” in swept Europe terror: “the Root cause of terrorism – instability in Iraq and Syria and at the same time the reluctance of the Western world at least something to do.” At least Putin is not to blame – and thanks for that!

Unfortunately, such examples demonstrate common sense rare in reality all pursue the same goal – to show that poor fragmented Europe here-here will fall under the boots of Putin due to the fact that marine Le Pen two years ago took out a loan in the amount of 9 million euros in the Czech-Russian Bank.

In Russia there is a pretty popular opinion that young reformers ‘ 90s have compromised the word “liberalism”, and their modern followers hammered the last nails in the coffin of this political current in our country. As in other countries, they say, the liberals are quite different, and liberal.

But expressing aggressive slogans imperialist faction of the liberals in the European Parliament clearly demonstrates that this is not only a Russian problem. Everything that is considered “generic injury” of Russian liberalism – disregard for the opinion of the majority and to national sovereignty, based on nothing confidence in self-righteousness, “the Messiah complex”, the willingness to bomb anyone in the name of fighting “injustice and humanitarian disasters – all this is inherent to the European liberals.

While others on this planet, it seems, no.

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