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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cossacks guarding illegally, the Moscow courts have found the FAS

The lawyer of the Fund of struggle against corruption Love Sable said in his Facebook that the January decision on the protection of the courts of the Moscow Cossacks was taken in violation of the antitrust laws: it was revealed in the result of inspection of the FAS.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Recall that organized the Central Cossack army of private security organization “Cossack guards” without bidding received a contract to patrol the Moscow courts. The rationale for the lack of trades was were the circumstances “of the accident, other emergency situations of natural or man-made disasters, irresistible force” referred to on the website of public procurement office of the judicial Department in Moscow.

Read how the Moscow city court were justified for the Cossacks.

In the end, FAS has agreed with the complaint to the FCO, which remarked that “no fires, no tsunamis in Moscow at that time was not observed,” and imposed on officials of the judicial Department a fine of 50 thousand rubles.

Sable adds that the regulation of FAS contains “a very interesting remark”: it turned out that after the hype in the press, raised in the winter around the guard Cossacks of the courts, the government, on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin instructed to prepare a proposal to bring the Cossacks to the protection of the courts.

However, Sobel concludes, “the law on public procurement has not been canceled”, and “selecting a security company should be open competition”.

In February, the head of the Judicial Department Alexey Dmitriev said that the involvement of Cossacks to the protection of the courts was necessary, because providing such services for the FSUE “Protection” of their poorly performed: it staff are constantly succeeded each other, did not respond within a specified time on a “panic button” and did not meet the requirements of special training.

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