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Monday, February 19, 2018

Why Cyril and Methodius were accused of distortion of the Slavic alphabet

Every year on 24 may in all Slavic countries celebrate the day of Slavic writing and culture, with the celebration of Cyril and Methodius – the enlighteners of the Slavs and the creators of our alphabet. But whether the authorship of the alphabet belongs to them?! The story of the origin of Russian literature analyzes Vladimir Devyatov — singer and Director of the Center of Russian culture and art, people’s artist of Russia.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The official version

– The brothers Cyril (secular name Constantine) and Methodius (secular name is unknown, most likely Michael) came from a family of the Byzantine military commandersays Vladimir S. Deviatov:

– Methodius initially devoted himself to a military career, and about 852, the year he took monastic vows, later becoming Abbot of the monastery. Cyril from a young age had a craving for Sciences and exceptional philological abilities – he was educated in Constantinople from the greatest scientists of his time — the Byzantine Leo the grammarian and Photius, the future Patriarch. After training he was ordained a priest, was acting librarian.

Cyril and Methodius made the Slavic alphabet and translated from Greek into Slavic liturgical language of several books, including selected readings from the gospel, an Epistle and the Psalter, what contributed to the introduction and spread of the Slavic Liturgy. Relying on profound knowledge of Greek and Eastern cultures, and summarizing the experience of Slavic writing, they offered the Slavs their alphabet. The legacy of Cyril and Methodius had a great influence on the culture of the Slavic States: Bulgaria, Russia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia. They have developed a written language gave impetus to the development of Russian literature and literature and in the minds of many generations of Slavs, saints Cyril and Methodius – the characters of Slavic writing and Slavic cultures.

Officially at the state level this holiday was first solemnly celebrated the Millennium of the creation of the Slavic alphabet – in 1863. In the years of Soviet power the date was, of course, forgotten and recovered only in 1986, with the celebration in the city of Murmansk. Then the baton was taken by the Vologda, Nizhniy Novgorod, and since 2010 the capital of the day of writing is constantly becoming Moscow.

Alternative version

– All of the above is, shall we say, official version.

But there is an opposite opinion. It lies in the fact that the foundations of the ancient Russian or old Slavic language and Scriptures in this language existed long before Cyril and Methodius! There were several types of ancient Slavic written language, and the most common of them was considered Holy-a Russian Letter that was used by the priests in intergeneric and state contracts. Its existence is already proven by scientists and linguists, many of whom believe that Cyril and Methodius took as the basis of this Letter and mangled it! After all, the Letter laid very deep understanding of the language; it’s a letter that transmits most of the images. That is, her characters come more from images, not from pronunciation. Only the initial Letter had 49 characters, and Cyril and Methodius left of them only a part, removing those sounds and concepts that did not exist in the Greek alphabet, thus mangled Russian verily, verily, old Slavic language!

Where is the truth?!

– In my opinion, and the official version, and the alternative, have a point of contact. Cyril and Methodius is likely to have used a drop Cap as the basis. But to say that they “mangled” – wrong! As wrong and assume that they “created the Slavic alphabet”. The work done by Cyril and Methodius are very important – they took as the basis of the available material and modernized it using the Greek alphabet, which is substantially less in scope than alphabet letters. This gave a very powerful impetus of Slavic literature, a huge number of books, publications. Cyril and Methodius, as the monks appeared only that in Russia Orthodoxy, were interested in the Scripture in a new language of the divine and spiritual books. In my opinion the upgrade and some of those cuts, which made Cyril and Methodius, were timely for the development of our literature and our national culture.

Anyway, today is the feast of the unity of our Slavic cultures exists, and it’s very cool! And this is the main result of the act of Cyril and Methodius. Most importantly, we were United!

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