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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The truce in Syria is in danger of be distracted because of the ultimatum of the rebels

In the near future is the deadline of the ultimatum delivered by the “Free Syrian army” (FSA) troops of President Bashar al-Assad. In accordance with those requirements, which are put forward about 40 factions of this opposition, the government forces must stop the attack in the Damascus suburbs, otherwise the soldiers of the SSA will take “defensive” measures, reports al-Jazeera.

photo: AP

The US state Department reacted with understanding to the PAS in the intention to stop valid from 27 Feb this year the truce in case of continuation of hostilities, however, blame foreign Ministry, the US lays solely on government forces, which, according to Washington, are conducting offensive operations contrary to the agreements. According to the representative of state Department Mark Toner, the U.S. expect from Russia of “pressure” on Bashar Assad to force him to comply with the terms of the armistice. Toner said, it was one of the recent telephone talks between Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his us counterpart John Kerry.

“Ultimatums violate agreements and threaten the process of the truce”, – so responded the source of the “MK” in the Russian foreign Ministry for an extended SSA requirements.

“It’s a game – someone who would chip, – commented on the situation “MK” , leading researcher of the Institute of Oriental studies, RAS Vladimir Sotnikov. But theoretically the threat is. These opposition groups that threaten to end the ceasefire, in fact, little interested in the fact that it was broken. What is the situation on the fronts? Somewhere the Syrian army continues to develop the offensive, somewhere Islamists of the so-called “Islamic state” (ISIS, the group recognized in Russia as a terrorist and banned – “MK”) counterattacked, judging by the latest reports of the Western media. The second point is that really our American partners will try not to allow these groups to break the agreement. Now Americans are very interested in the fact that the ceasefire continued.”

“Of course, Moscow has to a large part of opposition groups such a a big influence there, – said the expert. – We have a specific list of those with whom we are negotiating, but as for Washington, he has leverage on those groups that do not communicate with us. There is also the interests of external players, such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey. They can say that they are not satisfied with the Assad regime, like the US, but now to change the status quo hardly anyone wants. It is hoped that other opposition groups will push his plan of a truce and a peace settlement in Syria.”

The analyst believes that the purpose of the SSA in this case was to produce an information effect. “First, they show that they do not agree that the government army continued the offensive and fights with them and the other Islamists – says “MK” Vladimir Sotnikov. – Secondly, they need to attract attention. This is a well thought out PR campaign that shows that they exist and should be involved in the peace process. Still, it’s 40 factions of the FSA. But now to talk about the fact that this truce will be broken, sooner, although I do not exclude that under unfavorable circumstances this routine may be disrupted. If you take ISIS, for them this mode does not apply and they continue fighting.

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