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Sunday, February 18, 2018

The image of the selected computer of the mind of Russia: a stern woman with huge ears

The result of the all-Russian competition for the best image of artificial intelligence was very unexpected. All the details of a rigorous selection found “MK”.

The contest was announced on 10 March 2016, developers of artificial intelligence systems in Russia. 197 participants, mostly aged 30 to 35 years were asked to paint how they see the way of artificial intelligence (AI).

Under the terms of the first members of the jury selected 20 works, which from their point of view the most sootvetstvovala images of artificial intelligence, as well as creative and performed at a high artistic level. In the second stage, the contest Committee selected 10 contenders for the main prize. And finally, in the final round, the winners of the competition were determined by open voting on the Internet. In total in voting participated to 45 thousand fans that put the huskies for a variety of images: the signs of the cryptogram, aggressive images, abstract compositions, and even erotic images.

Among all of the submitted images AI more than 15% represented the female face. The TOP 20 winners of the 1st round, their number has reached 25%, and in the TOP 10 all 30%, in the absence of works with images of men.

Therefore, the competition Commission was not surprising that the winner of the contest was precisely the female character AI. Its author was a 25-year-old Muscovite Valery Demin, working in the field of advertising. She will receive the main prize – a sightseeing trip to Berlin, in the Museum one of the world’s leading schools of design the Bauhaus. Valeria was one of those five percent of participants who gave positive traits. “It is the image of the woman reflects the peaceful mission of artificial intelligence, formulated the laws of robotics of Isaac Asimov”, – explained his choice of the winner.

Nevertheless, for the organizers of the contest of designers and artists was important to know how they see the image of AI by the majority. “The presented work showed how today this term is ambiguous,” says a member of the competition Commission Olga Uskova. – A pleasant surprise for us was the fact that the works affected one of the most disputable problems of development of artificial intelligence – its social danger”.

Indeed, the theme of aggressiveness and dangers of AI can be traced more than 10 % of participants. One depicted a computer mind in the form of a cyborg-baby, other — in the form of a screaming animal and human faces with bloody streaks, drovers with whips, governing enslaved people, etc.

Now, how did AI “mouse ears”. According to Valerie Demina, vision and hearing are two key source of information by the person providing the primary analysis of the surrounding world. Therefore, in the portrait of artificial intelligence, she did focus on these two entities (eyes and ears). The dark areas symbolize the unknown and unexplored by man in the development of artificial intelligence. A solar flare (top picture) give hope for success in this direction.

“One of the catalysts of my creativity are the films of Pedro Almodovar,” says Valeria. – Strong influence on my style has had one of his films — “the Skin I live in” – it literally shook me. It’s a real sterile-stylish madhouse. In one scene paintings surgeon Robert Edgar, who invented the artificial skin, the patient puts on a perfectly calibrated pieces of faux leather, one by one… And then I got the idea to use this technique in my work”.

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