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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The exhibition Shakespeare sends letters to Juliet

Literary critics around the world continue to wonder: was William, the boy from Stratford-upon-Avon, the actor and co-owner of the globe theatre, the Shakespeare? Maybe under this name wrote to another author or group of persons, the greatest hoax? It’s about time after 400 years since the death of the playwright is to understand the complicated history. In England to go for this is not necessary, it is enough to visit the capital manor Saltykov-Chertkovy at the show-allusions, dealing with the mysteries of Shakespeare.

photo: Ksenia Korobeinikova

The exposition begins with the end of Shakespeare with his will. In it he wrote that he leaves to his wife Anne Hathaway “my second best bed”. The bed was recreated by the designer Victor Delag; however, to fit it can only be a midget. Playful fiction is not forbidden, given that data about the growth of the playwright is not preserved. And actually, of all the documents have reached us only 37 of his plays, 2 poems and 154 sonnets.

The installation in the form of a giant glass pen is also presented. Interesting layout of the globe theatre. Due to the size of two meters in diameter — you can look at the scene through the eyes of the spectators of the XVI century. And they had to lift up head, because the scene was high — level modern 2-3rd floor. The theater has no roof: due to the lack of electricity gave performances only during the day. Many of them lasted more than five hours, and the hungry audience during the intermission, handing out apples. Often scraps flew straight at the actors, if visitors completely rejected the statement. And irritate them could not only acting, but also the stench that periodically seeped into the hall. After all, restrooms are shown on the layout, was located under a wooden stalls and the amphitheatre, so the smell was difficult to remove.

Elizabeth I was a great admirer and patron of the theater, so that she dedicated the former reading room of the library of the mansion. Windows adorn the famous portraits of Queen printed on satin. Under them were placed theatrical costumes Shakespearean times, stitched and embellished with pearls students of theatre institutes. View the first black-and-white fantasy “a Midsummer night’s Dream”, a favorite of Queen Elizabeth, kinoatele.

From him through the ladder get into the dungeon. In the XVII century it housed the chamber of the last Tsarevich of Kasimov. Today it’s dark, endless enfilade of arches, vaulted ceilings, creaky stairs. Out of the corner and flashed a shadow of hamlet’s father, when near her, you see a knight in armor. In this suit William Shakespeare played the role of shadows in the theater. Next to the knight wandering witches from “Macbeth” and whispering spells. Involuntarily pulling away from them in the depth of the room and almost fall between the wood of the bridge. On both sides of the boat are reminiscent of that “globe” and the palaces of the nobles were standing on opposite banks of the Thames. To get an idea, you had to swim across the river.

Dungeon of the mansion doesn’t smell damp, the opposite — fresh spicy smells from flasks with signs: hamlet, Othello, Macbeth… “Body odors” located in front of the closet of the XVI century. Just such a chest-carried toilet for the ladies of Elizabeth I ladies while traveling.

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