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Sunday, November 19, 2017

The advance of the Kurds in the ISIS began with the Northern suburbs of the Syrian Raqqa

The offensive by Kurdish military forces on the Syrian Raqqa held by militants of the “Islamic state” (ISIL, a terrorist group banned in Russia), began with the Northern suburbs. This is stated in the statement “the Democratic forces of Syria,” he explained in conversation with “MK” member of the National Congress of Kurdistan Farkhat Pateev, which gave details of the previously announced operations against the Islamists.

photo: AP

– While details of the occurrence are not discussed, – said the “MK” Farkhat Patiev. –It was announced that now is the operation on liberation of the suburbs, the Northern part, adjacent to the city. That is, the troops became not in the city itself and in surrounding areas. It is the settlements located in the North of Raqqa. Announced that the attack comes from three sides. This refers to the three military points located in the North, to cover more ground and not let some groups go past.

– On the occurrence of a declared Kurdish party “Democratic Union”?

– It was an appropriate statement from the “Democratic forces of Syria” – the military organisation, which includes not only Kurdish but also Arabic, Assyrian formation, as well as others.

– The statement said there will be support from Russia and the United States?

In their statement did not mention it. They say only the beginning of a large-scale operation with the support of international forces. Were no details. But our position, which we stand for a long time, boils down to this: we must fight together and, despite the presence of any contradictions between the US and Russia. As for the solution of the Syrian crisis, we need a coordinated, otherwise to liberate Syria and to destroy ISIS will be impossible. It is necessary that all parties act alike, collectively and together.

Recall that earlier about the attack on the Syrian Raqqa in coordination with Russia and the us coalition has declared the representative of the Kurdish party “Democratic Union” Ibrahim Ibrahim, who noted that large-scale military operation will starts soon. Readiness to coordinate with the US and Kurds have been expressed by the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, adding that the chance for such cooperation is.

The deployment of Russian troops in Syria. Chronicle of events

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