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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Shoigu forms Warmia

More than 200 young athletes from CSKA on Tuesday, may 24, he joined the all-Russian military-Patriotic movement Unarme. Moreover, the organizers of the event from Moscow organized a teleconference with Sevastopol, Volgograd and Samara. Solemn oath of the young army men the boys took defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the Ministry of Defence

Hall of the sports complex CSKA was scored, what is called the eyeballs. Young athletes, their parents, relatives and friends came to see firsthand what this new movement and what it should be.

On the huge screens first he held the roll between the cities that participated in the teleconference. Then showed a short course of Russian for historical dates, famous people and memorable places. After the concert, went to the main event.

On stage were guys dressed in sand-colored pants, blue shirts and red berets – the form of Warmii. On the screens appeared the guys from Sevastopol, Volgograd and Samara. The oath of the young army man is quite short, but capacious. The children promised to be loyal to his country, the protector of the weak, and strives to succeed in both academics and sports, lead a healthy life, to honor the memory of heroes. The text of the oath was read by the young army men in Moscow, and guys from other cities to repeat after him the word “Swear”. After solemn vows to congratulate the guys came out Sergei Shoigu. He said that the right to be the first anarmani guys earned their successes in academics and sports. “To be the first difficult, you will be an example for all others who will follow you,” said Shoigu.

Photo courtesy of the press service of the Ministry of Defence

He stressed that this is a very important, necessary event for Russia. “Today, many are looking at you and waiting when they will be able to join the ranks yunarmeytsev. And all it is a great responsibility you. We would like to Junior military movement grows every day. With each passing day it would become more and more daring, young, strong, purposeful, loving our country, who know and appreciate our past, our history guys,” said the Minister.

In the sports complex, which hosted the solemn event organized area of young army man. This is the class approximately 20 people, where the banner of Unirii, here the guys will obtain knowledge of the history, learns to provide first aid training to disassemble and assemble the machine.

photo: Alexander Stepanov

As told “MK” one of the teachers, it has developed a typical schedule of work for the year. About once a week there will gather yunarmeytsy and within 45 minutes to learn a new discipline. One of the girls who joined the ranks of the movement, Victoria Popkov, told “MK” that still does not know when to start basic training and on what days of the week they will go, but here she was interested. Victoria athlete, she plays volleyball and wants to become an architect. “Unarme can help me determine the future, to learn new things,” she said. – We have a new, beautiful form, we will perform at sporting parades, to participate in other activities – it’s great”.

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