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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Savchenko exchanged for and Erofeeva Alexandrov

Sentenced by a Ukrainian court, the Russians Aleksandr Erofeev and Evgeny Aleksandrov on Wednesday were exchanged for convicted in Russia Hope Savchenko. The aircraft with them, sent by Putin and Poroshenko, were simultaneously in the air, one landed in Moscow, the second – in Kiev. According to some reports, the final agreement on the exchange was reached in the night of Tuesday during telephone conversations in the Normandy format.

The plane with the Hope Savchenko arrived from Russia to Ukraine. This was written by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on Twitter at 14.55. The mother and sister of Savchenko have arrived to Boryspil to meet a relative.

Poroshenko also moved to the airport.

“I don’t care, proven guilty or not, they were in the Ukraine on their own or not on their own, it is important that they are Russians, and they had to rescue”

13.36 GMT in the environment, according to Flightradar24, another plane, on which there were Russians Aleksandr Erofeev and Evgeny Aleksandrov, landed in Moscow airport Vnukovo-2.

The final agreement on the exchange of Savchenko and Erofeeva Alexandrov was reached during late-night phone talks in “Norman format”, which was attended by the presidents of Russia, Ukraine and France and German Chancellor, says “Kommersant”.

The result of the day

The first reports about the upcoming exchange appeared Wednesday morning. Familiar with the situation, the source reported that the plane Ukrainian President arrived that night in Rostov-on-don for sharing Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko Russians Alexander Alexandrov Evgeny Erofeev, reports RT.

In the first hour of day Moscow time, it was reported that Savchenko is already on Board the plane flying from Russia to Kiev. It was about a “presidential” side, but the Petro Poroshenko in the plane, passed the portal “Strenia”.

According to the portal Flightradar24, the Ukrainian An-148 tail number UR-UKR (“presidential”) on may 25, needs to make only one flight. The destination was not specified.

According to “the Ukrainian truth”, the plane with Savchenko was flying from Russia at the same time, which was Alexander Yerofeyev and.

In the morning the lawyer of the convicted in Kiev Russian Alexander Alexandrov, Valentin Rybin announced the beginning of the process of exchange of Alexander and Yerofeyev for Nadiya Savchenko. But then, the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that he didn’t know about it, passed RIA “Novosti”.

The lawyer Savchenko Ilya Novikov said that can not share information, which he is known. Another defender Nikolai Polozov said that he was not notified about this potential exchange for two Russians.

Father Alexander Alexandrov Anatoly told RT that he knows nothing, but will be happy if the son sat down on the plane: “I’ll believe only when I see (his son)”.

The Embassy of Ukraine reported that they did not know about the possible exchange Savchenko on the Russians: “we Have no such information”, – said there.

Legal opinion

Yerofeyev and Alexandrov in the morning sent from Ukraine to Rostov for an upcoming exchange, reported “Interfax”. According to the source, the transfer Savchenko, the Ukrainian side was carried out on the basis of the contract between the two States on extradition of persons for further punishment.

“In Rostov-on-don already are the representatives of Russian law enforcement agencies that accompany Savchenko. For bilateral agreements, the Ukrainian government there will give the two Russians detained in Ukraine”, – he said.

As told the newspaper LOOK President of the Russian Association of international law Anatoly Kapustin, although sharing issues are resolved in a legal manner, such actions definitely are negotiated at the political level. In this case, at the highest.

“If the decision was made, the mechanism was launched, already went the legal part, through bilateral channels between Russia and Ukraine. Of course, such ties have been preserved, no matter what. And they send us requests, and we to them. In Ukraine in the legal community are working very qualified people, though in recent years they are under certain political pressure”, – said Kapustin.

In short, criminal procedure codes of the two countries and legal framework allow for this exchange, and he was held.

“The main thing that the guys will be back”

“I welcome what has happened today. Regardless of the degree of fault of these people, the degree of fault of the guys, guilt Savchenko, which certainly has been proven in our court. One of the guys, by the way, my brother, Nemov… I don’t care, proven guilty or not, they were in the Ukraine on their own or not on their own, it is important that they are Russians, and they had to rescue”, – he stressed.

According to Kalashnikov, they were themselves under arrest with dignity. And it is correct that they were exchanged. He recalled that in history there were many cases, when exchanging military, or the intelligence not to other military and political leaders or dissidents. In principle, any restrictions there, “And I don’t care, this is equivalent to exchange or not, it is important that our children leave Ukraine and find yourself at home,” he stated.

Kalashnikov also made a prediction for the future. According to him, at the diplomatic level of relations between Russia and Ukraine after the exchange, likely to improve, because “any such diplomatic deal says that the other party can agree”.

However, now MP sees Hope Savchenko “travels through the cities and villages of Ukraine, where she was greeted as a national hero”. “Then it will also pass through the cities and villages of Europe, look to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and other organizations, where she will listen carefully and she if she would allow her tongue-tied, would be hard to tell all sorts of stories and continue to demonize Russia. We all have repeatedly heard. Savchenko will join our “pussy Riot” and Khodorkovsky,” he concluded.

The background

On Tuesday, Poroshenko said he was ready to sign the pardon of convicted persons in Ukraine, the Russians Evgeniy Erofeev and Alexander Alexandrov, when the documents he received. According to him, he’ll do it for the return of Hope Savchenko. “Will do everything possible to bring her home this month”, – he wrote in Facebook.

On Wednesday, the lawyer Alexander Alexandrov, Valentin Rybin reported that the clemency of the Russians have already been submitted to the President of Ukraine.

18 may it was reported that the Ministry of justice of Russia received from the Federal penitentiary service of documents on the transfer Savchenko home.

On March 22, the Donetsk town court of the Rostov region announced the prison sentence to Savchenko, she was sentenced to 22 years in prison. Nadezhda Savchenko was found guilty in the death of people and illegal border crossing with Russia.

April 18 detained in may 2015 Russians Alexander Alexandrov Evgeny Erofeev condemned Ukraine for 14 years of imprisonment. Before that, the court found Alexander and Yerofeyev guilty under articles “terrorist activity” to wage a “war of aggression” and the actions that led to the death of a person.

As reported by the newspaper VIEW, in the possibility of exchange Savchenko someone from Russians has its own logic. When this was considered, and the probability of exchange of the Ukrainian Victor bout and Konstantin Yaroshenko, who is serving a sentence in the United States. However, more real was exchange Savchenko and Erofeeva Alexandrov.

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