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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Russian-American Oleg Taktarov decided to end vipami

The athlete and actor Oleg Taktarov has been living in the United States. But at home constantly visited by. Wants to turn Rostov-on-don in Russian Hollywood to came there to make a movie Western star. He now also shoots and produces films, organizes film festival motivational movie, which will be held in August. Among his guests claimed Tom cruise and Matt Damon, as well as the Brazilian football legend Pele.

photo: Lily Sherlovskaja

– I would like to do in Rostov-on-don international festival. In Russia there are almost no really working festivals with the necessary business platforms. People have ideas or even a ready product, but they can’t find an investor.

– Someone was asked to head the festival or is it your initiative?

This was originally my idea. I have a partner, who had done a very good festivals. The idea came to my mind when I arrived at the festival, and from another festival, perhaps the most high-budget in the country. Money he had 20 times less, but as it turned out sincere and attractive. This is a festival for the people. I would like to do something affordable to the people participated in all. I have long had a dream to create a “bridge of arts”. To steer there are people who know where to go. Of course I will be one of them. It will be a motivation film festival. If the film motivates people to become kinder, more successful, become the champion, and sometimes to conquer yourself, it will lead to something good, it suits us. Movie can encourage a person to lead a healthy lifestyle, to play sports.

– Rostov – on-don you know the city?

– I spent there youth martial arts festival. It went without a hitch. After that I timidly thought that since we had such a good team, we could aim at the international film festival format. It seemed to me that Rostov is grateful to the city. Same thing I tried to do at the Bottom, but found no support. My homeland — Sarov. In Nizhny Novgorod I lived quite a lot. In the 90-ies there has been some progressive movement, and when he came out to Moscow, it seemed to me the province. But I can’t do my life to spend on something to coax the Swan, cancer and pike to pull in the same direction.

– You wasn’t there some post?

– I was an adviser to the Vice mayor three years ago. Plans were great. We there held a tournament which was a great success. And then I said, “you Have too many blacks”. It was about Caucasians. Yes, I have 70 people. But what are they distinguished? If you saw my grandmother crossing the road, definitely helped her. It is necessary to stop the bully — I’ll do it. If a woman raised the bag, six or eight people rushed to help her.

– You have such a need for something new to create?

I am the Creator in nature. I am always in motion, and ideas are born in my head. At the festival in Rostov protection I’m going to cook myself. All handed out photos of guests who will come to know in person. On “a Kinotavr” there were times when I was not allowed because I didn’t know in person. And to me there’s 50 people every day said I the country did something extraordinary. I’m not going to argue. I believe that nothing did. But if I was in this country not allowed in the VIP tent, and I need to look for some girl, to get permission, I don’t want to do that. When separation starts, people feel that they are in a lower caste. A person may not be in the lowest caste. Want to separate yourself from everyone, do it. Separated, but so that it wasn’t noticeable. Really wish I was not like this.

– Maybe a movie of something does not give you the time you aspire to something else? Not enough for you to be an artist?

– Gives me all movie. The last five years on the part of the many roles turned out to be fruitful. But, perhaps, not necessary to be a Director because I’m a dictator on the court. I won the championship, which for 20 years no one could win. I won the heavy version, which is considered inhuman. I have a real championship belt. I was in the top three ten years. It was a bold point. That fight can be compared to a movie that has charges, like “Avatar”, and on the screen we see “the Godfather.” If I this project will fall, which critics and viewers alike will accept, then I will say that achieved something. We create in Rostov in fact, Russian Hollywood. Not just the Studio. The whole area will become a Studio. We in Sochi can not be removed – some tourists. In Odessa too. In the Crimea will still be impossible. And then he got on a train and 16 hours for you in Rostov. Here’s the Cossacks, here you tanks, guns, planes. Shoot a historical movie. Even beside the sea. In the Rostov region the maximum number of cloudless days per year. All the conditions! And most importantly, that there is the birthplace of Michael Chekhov. For the American actor to star in the homeland of Michael Chekhov at least once in your life – it’s cool.

– Can you compare sports and movies? What is the ratio of the labor and talent?

– Entering the ring with Tyson, do you realize that if you are not ready, then get on the face and leave with a knockout, a concussion, and this will all end. In the movie all think they’re geniuses and Champions. But the horror that you have created on the screen, have to watch for a long time. Movie – the daily knockout. If the project turned out, and you’re the worst, everyone will say: “the Film is awesome, and why is this passenger?”. Talent alone is not enough. The desired performance. And then there is luck – controlled heaven thing.

– What is your ratio of good luck and the energy costs that were invested?

– In the last ten years and I have a power – problem. I was like well, participated in qualitative projects. But platforms for growth there. I have a problem global. Why I’m glad the crisis? Because the financial side has failed, and you start to think a head, woke up, to do things you would not before was because you had pockets full of money. And to create something hands did not reach. I suddenly began to see people I’ve never even dreamed of. It is possible to break into the closed window, and you can get out through the window. When you something is pushing, and you do nothing is a sin. If nothing pushes you, and you do think, too, it’s no good. My teacher PR was Alexander Nevsky, who has a lot of energy. I worked on his scheme for two months. I was in Russia then knew everything.

– You cut yourself a little slack or always live in a hard schedule? Can sleep up to 11 hours?

– When I have a goal, can work round the clock. If it is not – it relaxes. Responsibility-that is. I myself belong. What can I do not can at the moment to do nothing. The amount of knowledge and skills before that no one came. 20 years is a period of time. I’d like to make a quality product, repeat about what I did in the sport.

– Where do you live? In Los Angeles?

– In Sarov. Just when I’m in America, are in Los Angeles. There is all there is in new York, Miami and San Francisco. There you can do business. In new York only restaurants and a funeral home. There’s even a sports hall. Their number is minimal. A couple of parks, which are yet to be reached. Health city out of you sucks. In Los Angeles you can maintain your health for years to come. In Miami more conditions, there is warmer, but nothing to do and you’re devolving. It is a city for those who dropped money or for retirees. Los Angeles you can find everything. I have had depressive days, when it seemed that nothing comes. And there are, when all was well. In new York the pace to work a year from you and there is nothing left.

– Probably, when-that and not thinking that you can shape a life?

– 20 years ago, thought I would reach mount Everest. And now it seems that I lost some opportunities, didn’t use them in time. I would like something that removed the U.S. in Europe, would be filmed in the Rostov region. I gather a good team. Why not go here Americans? Because it is necessary that the price was adequate. People come and they begin to milk. The second time will not come, I will go to Romania, the Czech Republic or Hungary. But in Rostov I found understanding. People love their land and wish to develop it steadily. The nature’s interesting. There are cheap popular. And Rostov got something. In Taganrog in autumn don’t need to clear anything. No plastic Windows, no signs. Preparation of the street to shoot it will take less than a day. There’s even a bridge have been preserved. There’s streets that shoot and shoot. Many Cossack villages. There are cavalry. Two weeks training will need to five thousand horsemen with horses to place and remove. Five thousand! Now these volumes have not. 100-300, and the rest is paint. Need to use it while the opportunity is there.

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