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Friday, March 16, 2018

Open the main prerequisite for the origin of life on Earth

Superspike in the Sun, the echoes of which reached the Earth about four billion years ago, could become a key factor that contributed to the appearance on Earth of the first living organisms. With such an assumption was made by experts from the American space Agency NASA. Scientists believe that these outbreaks has launched a number of important chemical processes.

For forty years, for scholars interested in the answer to the question, when the Ground is sufficiently warmed up to ensure that it could be liquid water — at the dawn of the Solar energy system is quite young for such lights could not be missed. However, it is likely that the answer is superspike — a powerful emission of energy, which today the Sun is not observed.

Solar flares, known to us, they sometimes produce on Earth magnetic storms, solar lights, and in some cases, disruptions in telecommunication and electrical appliances. Superspike is a phenomenon, having the same nature, but much more powerful. The observation of the stars like the young Sun, as well as computer modeling have allowed researchers to make the assumption that billions of years ago such a powerful solar flare could be very common. They not only contributed to the fact that the Earth has warmed up, but also had an impact on the planet’s magnetic field by running on it a cascade of chemical reactions. Once in the Earth’s atmosphere, the charged particles could provoke the emergence of such necessary for the emergence of life compounds, such as nitrous oxide and hydrogen cyanide, and then organic compounds in which the nitrogen is. To the effects of solar flares, according to experts, nitrogen existed on the Earth in molecular form, while for the emergence of life were in need of his atoms.

According to the experts, who published their research in the journal Nature Geoscience, the study will help not only to better understand how life appeared on Earth, but also to obtain new criteria for finding living organisms on other planets.

By the way, recently it became known that the United States plans to send an additional probe to search for life on Europa, Jupiter’s moon.

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