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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Maria Zakharova caught Euronews in misinformation

The official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova for the second time caught English-language version of the Euronews channel in spreading false information. Now we are talking about publishing with a link to a fake account Sergei Lavrov. The representative of the Russian government the Supervisory Board of Euronews Pyotr Fyodorov calls the incident “the subconscious Russophobia”. Meanwhile, the Deputy Director of VGTRK Dmitry Kiselev has admitted that the program “Vesti Nedeli” also “miss Burr”.

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova caught the Euronews TV channel on spreading false information with reference to the fake account of the head of Department Sergey Lavrov.

“Euronews journalists are influenced by General media pressure, mainstream Western media, which expose Russia guilty in all conflicts”

“As the official Russian reaction to the adoption of a regional Council of the Veneto region of Italy resolution, calling for recognition of the actual status of Crimea and to lift the sanctions against Russia, the English-language website of the TV channel cited a screenshot of the “account Lavrov” on Twitter. Everything is fine, except for one thing: Lavrov no account in “Twitter”. Russian-language website, as you can see, the fake is not placed”, – Zakharov wrote on his page in Facebook.

“It’s not even propaganda, it is misinformation. Possible goal – promotion of the fake resource”, – said the representative of the foreign Ministry.

Indeed, given Zakharova picture page on the website Euronews, where he was posted, it appears the link to the tweet, posted by a certain user @SovietSergey. This microblog on Twitter, even based on the name, can hardly be considered the official account of the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

On the page itself and not hidden that the account is a parody. The “owner” microblog calls himself “not as the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia”. However, one of the leading media of the EU-based European broadcasting Union, quoted the fake as a genuine source of information.

Some time after the message Zakharova in Facebook Euronews has removed the screenshot of the fake “Lavrov account in Twitter from your news. You can verify this by comparing the from the message Zakharova and the current state of the page. The news remained only the text and video footage.

Official reaction to the message Zakharova by Euronews was not followed. VZGLYAD asked for clarification to the Central office channel, located in the French Lyon. Press Secretary Euronews Lydie Bonvallet, which was forwarded the request, at that moment, did not answer – the staff of the channel, with particular reference to employment. Response to an email sent to Bonville, not currently received.

“This time the Charter was violated”

“The incident makes me think that the editor-in-chief, who was responsible for the layout of the news, has made a very serious mistake,” – said the newspaper VIEW, representative of the Russian government the Supervisory Board of Euronews, head of the Directorate of international relations RTR Pyotr Fyodorov.

“And I, of course, as the representative of the Russian government the Supervisory Board of Euronews at the next meeting put the question, as my colleague, the chief editor of the TV channel “Russia 24″ Eugene Snipes, who is a member of the drafting Committee of Euronews is also a very important international body that monitors the independence and impartiality of the information policy of the Euronews”, – said the source.

With regard to the publication of the fake tweet Lavrov, “is a professional puncture,” said the source. “Any important or even controversial information should be verified from two sources. It is written in the Charter of Euronews, and this time the Charter had been violated. I don’t think she was intentionally broken and whoever decided to publish this fake tweet, acted deliberately against the interests of Russia”, – said Fedorov.

On the contrary, he pointed out that information about how in Venice the majority voted for the lifting of sanctions and recognition of Crimea as Russian territory, the Western media has not been widely published. “And once again remind about this fact, even referring to fake accounts,” Lavrov, in my opinion, more of a plus than a minus for Russia”, – said the interlocutor.

“However, be wrong to attribute our Minister of foreign Affairs false statements in a false “Twitter”, it is nevertheless, a professional puncture”, – concluded the source.

Wave of information attacks by Western media on RussiaFor English-speaking audience the story sounds so…”

The incident with the publication is the second error of the channel seen by Maria Zakharova over the last few days. Last Friday, foreign Ministry spokesman drew attention to the fact that in the English version of Euronews material about the Crimean Tatars the number of the deported from the Crimea was overestimated in 10 times in comparison with the Russian text.

In the Russian version reads: “More than 200 thousand Tatars were deported from Crimea, from 18 to 20 may 1944. Only in the forced relocation on suspicion of collaborating with the Germans were subjected to by representatives of 20 ethnic groups, including Crimean Tatars, Chechens and Armenians.”

“But for English-speaking audiences the story is: the Crimean Tatars remember their national tragedy, the mass deportation by Stalin in may 1944, more than 2 million men, women and children”, – Zakharov wrote on his account in Facebook.

On the same day Euronews changed information in the news. Currently published on the Euronews website contains the note: “This text has been updated to change the value of the number deported in the first paragraph”.

“The English version of our publication on memorial day contained an inaccuracy regarding the number of deported Tatars. The article was corrected, a new version is published on all platforms Euronews” – quoted by RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the Euronews Lydie Bonvallet. She also emphasized that in the publications in other language versions of the Internet portal it was stated the correct number.

“Most errors are not Pro-Russian and anti-Russian”

“About the figure of 2 million instead of 200 thousand was in the English version, in other versions, everything was in order, – says Pyotr Fyodorov. – Since the revision of the standard, on Euronews they say in General, although in the case of an error, you need to indicate a specific failure of a particular journalist.”

“I don’t think the journalist is English version meant to disseminate false information. Most likely, it was a mistake. But we must honestly note that most errors are not Pro-Russian and anti-Russian. This system, which I, unfortunately, see,” said the source.

In his opinion, “journalists Euronews, not only British, but writing in other languages, are influenced by General media pressure, mainstream Western media, which demonized Putin, Russia put blame for all the conflicts in which she somehow gets involved, interpret Russian politics negatively and, in fact, be participants in the information war.” “I’m still inclined to believe that it is the subconscious Russophobia, I don’t think Euronews consciously embarking on this road, I’m sure that it is not” – said Fedorov.

In addition to the above, he pointed to the fact, as may 18 was covered in the day of deported peoples of Crimea. Euronews in your story only told about the events that took place in Kiev, not mentioning what happened in the Crimea, said the source. “Euronews refrained from telling that even the singer Jamal to her song, no doubt recognized the politically charged, Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Ruslan Balbec) were invited to participate in events in the Crimea, and it is with this song that shows the ratio of the current Crimean and Russian authorities in General who condemn the deportation in 1944”, – said Fedorov. He recalled that deported not only was the Crimean Tatar people, but also Greeks, Bulgarians, Germans and other nationalities that were there after the liberation of the Crimea.

“Indeed, sometimes noise burrs”

On the eve of the presenters of the program Le Petit Journal, facing the French Canal, reviewing in its broadcast the episode of the program “Vesti Nedeli” on the channel “Russia 1” (dedicated to the “eurosceptics” in France), said: the heroes of the show “Vesti Nedeli”, which was released may 15, have attributed the words they spoke.

As a confirmation of the French journalists presented its own interviews with people who have earlier appeared in the report “Vesti Nedeli”. In particular, in the story Le Petit Journal member of National Assembly of Bruno Le Mer declares that his review, published in the “news of the week”, was edited so that the meaning of the statement changed.

According to the leading Le Petit Journal, the plot of “eurosceptics” and the issue of migrants were features shots of the Paris demonstrations against the labour law, unrelated to the stated theme.

A leading program “Vesti Nedeli”, Deputy General Director of VGTRK Dmitry Kiselev in the comment to the edition “Kommersant” called “analysis”, released by Canal+, “the controversy between the channels”. “Let us examine it in the “news of the week” Sunday – said Kiselev. – We do sometimes miss the rough edges”. In the course of further conversation Kiselev said that “publicly recognizes and examines the bones” each of these “burrs”.

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