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Friday, March 23, 2018

In the Donbass, called “an attempt at intervention,” the prospect of armed OSCE mission

In the night from Monday to Tuesday “channel four” discussed the question of creation in the Donbass armed police mission of the OSCE. Then the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, said Moscow’s position: the mission is still monitoring the question with the use of her arms left open. We found out, what do you think about the new format of the mission in the Donbass.

Photo: osce.org

In Donetsk, Mariupol and Kramatorsk the news of the introduction of the international police met with the same degree of bafflement. In the office of the acting head of the OSCE mission in Ukraine Alexander hug all the news declined to comment. “We the civil monitoring mission, established by the decision of the 57 countries participating in the OSCE. We just in the hands of machines will not. Will create the same solution to another mission with new powers” – commented on the situation one of the members of the mission who wished to remain anonymous.

How to imagine the OSCE mission in Donetsk with the name “police”? Small arms and armored vehicles – what are they for? To protect the members of the mission? Arrests for those who violate the agreement?

Recent high-profile arrests “broken loose” the Cossacks took place in Donetsk a year ago. Their headquarters and base, local Cossacks were surrounded by serious divisions, the Central staff at the hotel “Prague” and all the special forces stormed. Not without casualties, arrested believed for hundreds in the city since then, order and purity – with a gun people are not “at execution” can not be found. Before the same was restored order in Makeyevka. Under the rebel headquarters and drove tanks under their trunks the offending leaders agreed “to Brestovitsa”.

Very loud this winter disarmed a company of Troy. At Gorlovka held the whole military operation. With killed and wounded.

And then a police mission of the European… Who will protect these police officers in this harsh region?

“We all understand, – said the “MK” the Deputy Minister of defence DND Eduard Bacurin – Armed the OSCE mission needed to the election here was attended by the Ukrainian party. But not further, as yesterday, Alexander Zakharchenko has made a statement that the Ukrainian political parties will not be here.

We are also well aware that Ukraine wants to seize control of the border, and by hook, or by crook aspires to it. No such missions in the Minsk agreement is. And any movement in this direction, as well as weapons and police powers – is still to be agreed with the Donetsk and Lugansk national republics. In other words not! The only thing I feared – is that the deaths of the Europeans of the military OSCE mission, then do not tie the intervention of the army units of NATO.”

All the pitfalls of finding a Western armed “police” in Donetsk and Makiivka is well understood and the DNR. “The Ukrainian side too freely interpreted the position of the leaders of “Norman Quartet”, stating their support for the idea of sending in the Donbass armed police of the OSCE mission”, – said the head of the delegation of the DPR at the talks in Minsk Denis Pushilin – the leader of the people’s Council of the self-proclaimed Republic specially gathered may 24 in Donetsk press conference on this occasion.

The thesis has not changed. “DNR continues to oppose the presence in the conflict zone of all armed and police missions will be regarded the entries of such missions as intervention”, – said Pushilin. According to him, to preserve order and security in the elections, a local interior Ministry.

In turn, foreign Minister DND Natalia Nikonorova, as well participating in the Minsk talks, said the “MK” that Donetsk is ready to strengthen cooperation with the OSCE, but on their own terms:

– In recent times the introduction of a police mission in the Donbass was discussed a month and a half ago. Then the Ukrainian side was talking about the introduction of the police mission, equipped with heavy weapons. How is it possible not to understand even the OSCE. We also oppose the introduction into the conflict a third party, which inevitably will be any armed foreign troops. We will regard it as intervention.

However, the OSCE observers can monitor the work of our police to join their patrols and so on. But to do so they will be unarmed. An exception may be made only for those records the observance of the truce in the most dangerous places the line of contact where the positions of the sides are 70 metres from each other. But first we must agree on all terms in Minsk.

Sources “MK” in the APU also met the news without enthusiasm. “Police mission of the OSCE it is not the near future, said Colonel Sergei from the headquarters of the sector “M”.- It is necessary to agree in full: in terms of weapons, powers, the number of Russians in it. It is desirable that they were less than now. It is, of course, useful at least the fact that Western police in Donetsk and Luhansk is another information channel to the West. And any incident with the member of the police mission will be made at the international level. This is a real deterrent.

According to the Ukrainian delegates in the political subgroup in the Minsk talks by Olga Aivazovska, for the effectiveness of police of the OSCE mission on the territory of the DNI and LC must be placed at least 7 thousand trained professionals. For them to be developed financing system, the Protocol of action in different situations and so on. While Kiev hopes to entrust the OSCE the implementation of the transitional forms of maintaining law and order from the militia to the Ukrainian police, and not only the observation of elections and the cease-fire regime.

Recall that only one time in its history, the OSCE has tried to establish a police mission, and it was Nagorno-Karabakh in 1993. But then nothing of this venture failed, as it was first necessary to define the powers of the mission, its composition, rules of selection of members, their weapons, sources of funding and the duration of stay in the region. Moreover, this had to accept all members of the OSCE and the parties to the conflict.

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