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Friday, March 16, 2018

G7: trump on the agenda no, but he is interested in all

The “big seven” (G7), which will meet in Japan on Thursday, has a very extensive agenda. Common concerns about China, world trade, the fight against “Islamic state” (banned in the Russian Federation terrorist group) and so on. But there is one problem, which is not on the agenda, although it will be tight to be present during private conversations. This problem is Donald trump.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

President Obama only hears from all sides: whether trump’s real chance to live in the White house after him? On this question, Obama answers with a resounding “no!” Back in February at the summit of the Association of South-East Asia in California Obama said, “I continue to believe that trump will not be President of the United States”.

But since then, trump became the candidate of his party for the post, but many public opinion polls indicate that his chances to become President equal to the chances of Hillary Clinton. That’s why Obama’s partners in the G7, decided to clutch it in Japan. They want to know the details of the upcoming elections in the United States, because the participation in, trump has made this election exciting in the world.

The Japanese hosts of the summit are particularly concerned about the prospects for the election trump President of the United States, as it for several decades descends on the land of the Rising sun for what she has since 1980 been flooding the American market with its automobile production, Japanese business is buying the most exciting places in new York, for example, Rockefeller center. “The trade imbalance between the US and Japan is just incredible. They sell us anything, and we give them virtually nothing,” said trump recently in an interview and added: “It’s not fair!”

Trump criticizes and military Union — USA-Japan as one-sided. He draws attention to the fact that Japan and South Korea do not have nuclear weapons and use nuclear umbrella of America. He believes that these two States should have its own shield, and not rely on the shield of American manufacture.

At the April summit, which was convened for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, Obama has sharply attacked the trump. He said: “the person who makes such statements, do not understand the meaning of foreign policy or the situation on the Korean Peninsula and the world in General”. Without naming a trump, Obama stated that many foreign leaders were asking him about it, as they say, what it eats. “People pay attention to the us election,” continued Obama. — Even in countries that are accustomed to carnivals in their policies, want of sobriety and clarity in American elections.”

Relatively recently, trump said that he would agree to hold direct talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN that would be a clear violation of basic Japanese priorities. This statement trump immediately met resistance from the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. “Regardless of who becomes the next President of the United States, the Japan-us Alliance will remain the cornerstone of Japanese diplomacy,” said Abe. The same idea promoted by many Japanese politicians recently visited Washington. They all stressed the fears that cause trump statements.

According to the newspaper “new York times”, on one of such meetings, the Japanese Ambassador Kenichiro the Sasai joked that he expects hearings of experts who will explain how the Emperor trump will build the Great wall at the expense of the Mexican authorities. Turning to a more serious tone, the Ambassador added that he was disappointed by the exclusion of some candidates in presidents of the United States. “I would not like to see these United States” — concluded the Ambassador.

One can cite such a case. Former defense Minister and now a member of the Japanese Parliament, itsunori Onodera gave Washington a list of “incorrect statements by Mr. trump”. , Onodera said Japan supports U.S. priorities in the region and helps US to pay for them: “Nothing is so unimportant as the maintenance of stability in East Asia. We don’t want the American leaders were sent incorrect messages.

Some Japanese officials are concerned that Washington plays up China, the main rival of Tokyo. But what is going to take trump as President just throws them in horror. One consolation is that trump is more critical to Beijing than to Tokyo.

Even in the event of their defeat, the trump excite world leaders with their slogan “America first”. This, they believe, a platform to pressure on US allies to get them to pay more for American military assistance.

By the way, Obama himself insists on the same in a more diplomatic manner. So, he encourages his allies to take on some of the hardships of war in Syria and Libya. He openly complains that even its European allies are behaving like “free riders”. But the views of Obama, States still are the “indispensable nation,” without the guidance which global problems will not be solved “quickly and intensively”.

In short, the positions of Obama and trump are two sides of the same coin — world domination of the United States. Obama’s “party” less warlike and courtly than trompowsky. But by and large both suffer the same large defect. They do not consider that in the XXI century political map of the world radically changed or is changing.

Melor STURUA in Minneapolis

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