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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Cuttlefish capture the world ocean and are preparing for a planetary cannibalism

While for many marine life observed on Earth, climate change is detrimental, cephalopods from him, apparently, win. As found by the group of researchers under the leadership of Zoe, Dalda from the Adelaide University, the population of octopuses, squid and cuttlefish in the oceans is growing rapidly since the 1950-ies.

Experts note that in different periods for half a century was observed as surges of population growth of cephalopods, and periods of significant reductions in the number of their individuals. However, against the background of these oscillations emerges a General trend of increase in populations of these marine animals, continued for many decades. To such conclusion experts have come, having compared more than thirty scientific studies conducted by different scientists in the period from 1953 to 2013.

Experts still can not safely be called the root cause of the “capture” cephalopods of the world ocean. However, they put forward a number of assumptions regarding the main preconditions for this phenomenon. In particular, it is known that cephalopods are much less sensitive to water chemistry than many other marine species, so the changes occurring in the oceans, “hit” on them is not as hard as many others. This, in turn, allows the molluscs to occupy their ecological niche is not so fittest competitors — primarily predatory fish. It should also be noted that fish are much more likely to be shellfish harvested. Finally, the fact that cephalopods grow and develop rather quickly, in all probability, allows them for a short period of time to fully benefit from the above advantages, to multiply and to occupy new territories.

However, experts note that the changes in the environment, if they will be even more serious in the future can hit and cephalopods, and in food they are increasingly used today, which is also in the future can affect their populations.

Besides, according to scientists, even if the “surplus” shellfish will not eat gourmets from among the people who can handle themselves: cephalopods is highly prone to cannibalism, and in case of shortage of food will begin to hunt on their own brethren.

A study published in the journal Current Biology.

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