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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bureaucracy and backroom intrigue: Sobol explained why he withdrew from the election

The lawyer of the Fund of struggle against corruption Love Sable announced the termination of its election campaign to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, which recent months, led in the Central administrative district of Moscow. This decision was caused by that party “the Apple” has refused support in the district.

photo: youtube.com

Recall that for the nomination to the state Duma of the Russian Federation or a politician needs to enlist the support of one of the parties eligible to nominate candidates without signatures of the dispute, or, respectively, to collect signatures, which in itself is a difficult task. Opposition candidates now consider the cooperation with the two parties — Parnassus or “Apple”, but they both refused the Sable in partnership on her terms.

In an interview to our edition Sable said that he does not consider the collection of signatures in TSAO realistic procedure: “to collect Signatures is not possible, because they need to collect 3% of voters in the County, and 3% in this district were not collected, no one in Russia (all the voters in CAO of about 420 thousand people — ed.). And secondly, they will not be able to register because of the candidate from the Bulk, of course, does not register on signatures, so to kill a bunch of resources, effort, money, people, and a huge amount of money supporters to increase their awareness of only 3%, I’m not going. The impossibility of collecting signatures is clear to me as the person who collected signatures in the 2014 campaign in the Moscow city Duma, as a person who saw going into last year signatures at the regional campaign “a Democratic coalition”. In these circumstances, to go no meaning, it is better to spend resources on fighting and political influence through other things, not through elections. In particular, I remain the lawyer of Fund of struggle against corruption”.

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We will remind that last year the Democratic coalition was unable to register a signature anywhere except in the Kostroma region, with the signatures recognized invalid, in particular, due to the mismatch of passports of citizens of the FMS database. A commonplace example is the name of the voter from a database — “Daria Timurovich”, although the name in the passport and it was written correctly — “Timurovna”.

Sable are not yet ready to say who it is from the remaining opposition candidates are ready to support in the CAD, so as the final lists yet, they will appear only at the end of July. “Then I’ll see who claims victory, and the candidate is required to support. Maybe it will be Masha Baronova (from “Open election” of Mikhail Khodorkovsky — ed), maybe it will be Andrei Borisovich Zubov (from Parnassus, ed.), maybe this will be the person who will go from some other party — “Fair Russia”, the “Party of Growth”, and the other forces. If this candidate will work on the opposition, to adhere to democratic principles and to have more chances of winning, then, of course, I will support it”.

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Speaking about the reasons for the lack of agreement with Apple, Sobol said that doesn’t know the real motive, however, all party members, as ordinary members, and the guide spoke about the following: “Grigory A. Yavlinsky has a good personal relationship with Andrei Borisovich Zubov, which goes from Parnassus in this constituency. So it will not put your candidacy, Love, not to pull votes from candidate Zubov”.

However, added Sable, she called another version: the members of the “Yabloko” also told her that the CAO can still be put up a candidate, but he needs to work on Federal recognition of “Apple”. The information Ekaterina Vinokurova of Znak.com that “Apple” it will support Zubova, Sable, based on their conversations with party members, called the wrong.

The politician added that from the “Apple” talks with her led including Lev Shlosberg, the party selected for this role, however, “efforts of Leo Markovic was not enough.”

Sobol recalled that before her candidacy, refused to press and PARNASSUS: “I came out of the Democratic coalition, which participated in a personal capacity, because PARNASSUS as the main party of the coalition (the second was the “Party of Progress” Alexei Navalny — ed.) has violated the main principle of the coalition, refusing to hold primaries in single-mandate constituencies. I said I’d be nominated, but my interest — a single-seat campaign in the DISTRICT, and if the PARNASSUS supports me, or at least says that there will be primaries in single-mandate constituency, so I can stand as a candidate, to participate and win, then I’m going to run in the Federal part of the list of Parnassus, one which I’m not interested.

But later during the negotiations, Mikhail Kasyanov (the leader of Parnas — ed.) told me that no primaries will not, we are putting another candidate, and you, Love, let’s move from another district. It turns out that the primaries were not observed even in single-member campaigns, so in such circumstances I see no reason to participate in the Democratic coalition: there is no plot. PARNAS personal, unofficial right to decide who from them will be nominated, so I started negotiating with Yabloko. Now negotiations with them ended in nothing, and, as I understand it, this decision was also made subjectively and not on a rational basis, because I, of course, was a strong candidate for “Apple”, but they are due to their bureaucratic intrigues made the decision not in my favor”.

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