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Monday, March 19, 2018

Archaeologists have learned the recipe five thousand year old Chinese beer

A group of scientists under the leadership of Jiajing Wang of Stanford University found in China the traces of the brewery, which existed for about five thousand years ago. The study finds allowed experts to figure out which technology was used by the brewers of the past, as well as to identify the key components of beer produced.

Necessary for the brewing of beer items, discovered by archaeologists, were created in the period from 3 400 2 900 year BC. Managed to find, including, funnels, jugs and pots, the shape of which suggests that they brewed beer. This is the oldest find of this kind in China and, according to scientists, they show that five thousand years ago this area had already existed a fairly advanced brewing technology.

Further analysis also allowed to detect on the walls of the vessels traces of millennial beer, which in turn gave the opportunity to learn what were its components. As it turned out, the drink was made from components such as millet, barley, grown in China, the herb called “cuckoo tears”. In addition, in the manufacture of beer was used tubers root crops, which allowed to add the product a particular flavor and also sweeten it. That of these components produced is beer, according to the traces of fermentation.

The greatest interest of researchers was the fact that for the preparation of beer is made with barley — until now it was thought that five thousand years ago in China it is eaten in any form. Experts do not exclude that it is the beer and became the first food product in China, including barley. It is worth noting that in other parts of the world, including in ancient Egypt, barley brewers were already applied, however, it was believed that in China, a similar tradition came later.

Experts suggest that the ancient Chinese beer was sour-sweet taste, however, to exactly reproduce the recipe while it is impossible, because it remains unknown the exact ratio of the components.

The results of their study, the scientists presented in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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