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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

What hold on the Crimean pensioners: a good mood instead of money

During a visit to Crimea, Dmitry Medvedev heard quite unpleasant, but a direct question from an elderly local resident. She had complained to the Prime Minister that on her pension of 8 thousand it is impossible to live. “The prices are crazy. Wrong indexing we count. The wipe feet on us!”. Medvedev’s answer was as follows. Money for increase of pensions are not all over Russia. “We find that money — will do the indexing. Hold on, all you good, good mood and health,” he wished and then he hid behind his security.

photo: youtube.com

Even the national average Rostovskaya pension 12.8 thousand rubles says about the plight of Russian pensioners. But that is the average temperature in the hospital. You have to understand that there are those who receive significantly below 10 thousand Russian government is well aware that pensions should be more. But, as you correctly said, money is not enough. GDP is falling, the crisis in the country. According to the latest data, the budget deficit in April of this year reached 8.6% of GDP. With just the Federal budget is the main sponsor of the Pension Fund, which every year is not enough about 1 trillion rubles.

This explains the fact that from 1 February pensions were indexed by only 4% (for comparison, last year the inflation rate reached 12.9 per cent). For further indexing, which usually occurs on August 1, not enough money. However, as stated by the press Secretary, Natalya Timakova, the Cabinet of Ministers in the margin there are half a month to assess the socio-economic situation in the country. “The government continues to evaluate the possibility of the second doindeksatsii of pensions”, — said Timakova.

However, even with the current financial sources possessed by the state, to increase pension. As is known, the Moscow government pays retirees Metropolitan public transport and an increase of 2-3 thousand rubles. Of course, the financial capacity of the government of the Crimea no. However, on the Peninsula much less seniors than in Moscow. After all, this issue is not only economic, but also political in nature. And it can take on the Federal government. The price of food and other goods, as residents of Crimea, now an average of from 10 to 30% higher than in mainland Russia. In this difficult situation why not use the Moscow experience and pay the extra few thousand Crimeans. Although the Federal government this money is particularly not, but from such a decision, it will not go bankrupt. Crimea is now home to 2 million people, including half a million pensioners. They are not guilty of any product blockade of the Peninsula, nor in supermasculine prices at its resorts.

Because “Crimea is ours” means that the Crimean pensioners are also our.

The Return Of The Crimea. Chronicle of events

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