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Thursday, March 15, 2018

USA scared of military aircraft of the “resurgent” Russia

The United States is concerned that military aircraft of Russia and China increasingly began to take off to intercept American aircraft. The commander of the air operations of the U.S. armed forces General Herbert Carlisle has threatened to respond in the event of “aggressive and risky” actions of Moscow and Beijing.

Us General Herbert Carlisle in an interview with USA Today said that “resurgent” Russia and the “extremely aggressive” China triggered concern in Washington.

Carlisle suggested that Russia is trying to establish control in Eastern Europe and China in the South China sea where a territorial dispute continues over a number of Islands.

The US can not allow this to happen, and we intend to maintain a presence in both regions, the General said. He also noted that the U.S. military will continue to remain legally in international airspace and waters. “We won’t keep silent if they (Russia and China – ed.) will behave aggressively and risky,” he promised.

In this regard, the commander pointed to the recent interception of Russian su-27 fighter jet of the U.S. spy plane RC-135 over the Baltic sea and similar actions of the Chinese fighter in the airspace over the South China sea.

Carlisle believes that in such situations there is a “risk of misinterpretation of the intentions of the other side”, which is fraught with unforeseen consequences. In his opinion, to avoid confusion, it is necessary to maintain contact with Russian and Chinese military.

Recall that on April 29, the Pentagon declared a “dangerous maneuver” of the Russian su-27 close to American reconnaissance RC-135U in the neutral zone over the Baltic sea. It was reported that the su-27 approached “the American” at a distance of about 30 meters at full speed and performed a barrel roll – rotate about the longitudinal axis by 360 degrees.

In response, the defense Ministry proposed that American pilots to turn the transponder, and also said that all flights by Russian aircraft are in compliance with international regulations use of airspace.

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Watch the video on “Russian su-24 flew at extreme low altitude over the U.S. destroyer”

Russian su-24 made a series of maneuvers near the American missile destroyer “Donald cook in international waters of the Baltic sea. The aircraft flew over the deck of the ship at very low altitude.

Video published on the website youtube.com user Eucom MediaOps

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