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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Egyptian doctor said about the explosion on Board Egyptair

The doctor who examined the bodies of passengers crashed into the Mediterranean sea on the Egyptian Egyptair aircraft, stated that they were highly fragmented. According to him, this speaks in favor of the version about explosion of a bomb on Board. However, French investigators believe that the findings can be done only after finding the black boxes. Russian experts note that the recorders for this may be enough.

Analysis of the remains of victims of the crash of the Egyptair plane points to an explosion on Board, said one of the pathologists who examined the body.

“In itself, the destruction of the structure in the air and fragmentation of the bodies of men can be explained by different reasons

Expert, which is included in the investigative team and was personally involved in the examination of the remains, said that in Cairo were taken 80 fragments of bodies, all of them are small and among them “there wasn’t even a whole part of the body, e.g. legs or head.” “The logical explanation is that it was an explosion”, – quotes its words of RIA “news”.

“However, I can’t say what caused the explosion,” added the pathologist.

The experts have not yet found traces of explosives on the studied pieces of the fuselage and parts of the seats, adds TASS.

Participants investigate the causes of the fall Board noted that talking about the attack on the basis of these data early. To make any conclusions possible only after the discovery of the black boxes, said the representative of France to the investigation team. “While there is no indication that on Board the crashed flight was a blast,” he added.

Chief editor of the magazine “Vzlet” Andrei Fomin in comments the newspaper VIEW noted that in the first place the presence of an activated explosive device aboard the aircraft is determined not by the fragmentation of the bodies of passengers, and on other grounds, in particular, for the detection of some characteristic of bomb components or chemicals.

“Maybe they were discovered. But until we know about it, ” suggested the expert. – And itself a structural failure in the air and fragmentation of the bodies of men can be explained by different reasons. You need to consider that the plane raced at very high speed, was the impact on the water etc. I am Sure that experts in the investigation of such incidents will make the right conclusions. They have a special technique for this, which for obvious reasons are not publicized. But, of course, they will consider not one option but a combination of factors”.

Fomin added that the black boxes will be able to contribute to the establishment of the truth. But 100% to answer the question, whether there was a bomb on Board, and they are not able. “What can be said of the flight data recorder? About the explosion has to say. At this point will abort the entry. And the data about the devices on the Board will show where the aircraft was at this time and as I flew. Voice recorders can also record the sound of an explosion. But to say exactly why it happened and whether it was a bomb or explosion was a technical plan, for example the engine blew up, the black box will not tell”, – he stressed.

In turn, the head of the Association of airports of civil aircraft Victor Gorbachev said the newspaper VIEW that the fall from 11 thousand meters to a depth of about 3 thousand meters into the sea the bodies of the passengers would have been ruined and without an explosion.

“Today we have two versions of this disaster. The first external influence. Who knows: maybe there’s a missile flew by, the teachings of which ever carried out, we nobody talks about it… And the other is that French site someone put on a plane bomb. Both versions have a right to life. But if so to say, I’m more inclined towards the French, somewhere in the 60% to 40%. Still recently there were attacks in Brussels, before that, in Paris, on the relevant risks, we all know” – said Gorbachev.

According to him, 99% of passengers can’t get to the salon a bomb on himself, still in France after all the terrorist attacks organized quite hard inspection. But through the Luggage compartment with the appropriate airport workers, and that, as a rule, the migrants to smuggle a bomb was possible. About has also been tainted by the plane of Russian airline “Kogalymavia” over the Sinai in the autumn of last year.

To accurately answer the question of whether the attack was a need to raise from the seabed the wreckage and study them carefully. The depth is large. All of this presents a significant challenge. But other evidence can not recover 100% of the causes of the tragedy.

According to the TV channel CBC, which in turn refers to the Egyptian investigator of Galal, Hani, Egyptаir black boxes will be decoded in Egypt, if you find them all. “If will be damaged, they will be sent abroad,” he said.

Broadcast on the same channel, the representative of the National air navigation services of Egypt Ihab Mohi al-DIN said on Tuesday that the plane Egyptаir before the crash in one minute appeared on the radar, but communication with the crew cannot be established.

He added that the plane before the crash didn’t make any sharp manoeuvres, as reported by some media. Outwardly, everything was normal.

The remains of the victims of the crash were taken the day before in Cairo, according to the portal AEX.RU. An ambulance brought 15 boxes with them.

It is also reported that the coroner’s office collected DNA samples from relatives of the victims to identify the remains. The sampling of genetic material was held in a hotel of Cairo, located in the immediate vicinity of the airport, RIA “Novosti”.

We will remind, on may 19, a passenger plane of the airline Egyptаir, EN route from Paris to Cairo flight MS804, disappeared from radar over the Mediterranean sea near the Greek island of Karpathos.

On Board the A320, there were 10 crew members and 56 passengers, including three young children. Egyptаir the airline published a list of countries the citizens of which were passengers disappeared from radar plane EN route from Paris to Cairo, the Russians was not among them. The airline Egyptаir confirmed finding the wreckage of the A320 from the Greek island of Karpathos.

Later, the Network appeared the video, which supposedly captured the incident plane A320 of the airline Egyptаir. The Egyptian army has published the photos of the first found of the wreckage.

By the way, found fragments may be incorrectly stored, notes The Wall Street Journal: “Judging from the published pictures, the wreckage lay unprotected on the surface and take without protective clothing that may adversely affect evidence and hamper the investigation.”

The military, which is in contact with the weapons supposedly can transfer similar substances, and on the wreckage.

As reported by the newspaper VIEW, the version of the attack became the main from the first hours of the collapse of the liner – it has been down numerous experts.

In addition, on may 22, media reported that supporters of the terrorist organization “Muslim Brothers” two years ago, I wrote on the plane Egyptаir A320 that crashed into the Mediterranean sea, threats that still haven’t painted.

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