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Friday, February 23, 2018

“Sneaky thing”: the “Party of Growth” stirred up a quarrel between the Russian opposition

The Russian opposition, broke a new quarrel: entered the conflict, the recently established on the basis of the “Right cause “Party of Growth” of the business Ombudsman of Russia Boris Titov, the head of the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny and independent State Duma Deputy Dmitry Gudkov.

photo: youtube.com

On the photo: Dmitry Potapenko

The first reason for the conflict was the tweet Titova on the nomination of a well-known businessman Dmitry Potapenko in the candidates of the party in the electoral district Tushino in Moscow. While earlier it was already known that at Tushino same district is Dmitry Gudkov, supported by the party “Yabloko”.

Dmitry Potapenko in an interview with our publication is not confirmed and has not denied his nomination. He said that “the elections now over in the sense that everything will be determined significantly higher. As it was defined previously, it will be determined then. We have one very loyal to the party is the party of the presidential Administration. Was, is and will be. And for this party we must vote always.”

While Dmitry Gudkov, in turn, reported that in December met with Potapenko: “With him I have a good personal relationship, I told him where I was going, how I’ll campaign, I asked to support me and to write in support of the campaign commercial. We even agreed with him in some areas to collaborate. He said he was not opposed to support, but first he needs to eliminate some formalities”.

Gudkov said that he understands the Pro-Kremlin orientation of the “Party of Growth” and received offers from Titov to go from her, however, had already agreed to cooperate with Yabloko. Now, according to Gudkov, a political force puts forward “one of the few normal people parties” against him.

Then the conflict around the “party of Growth” has continued to develop around the new shapes. The party “Civil initiative”, former Finance Minister in the government of Yegor Gadeira — Andrey Nechaev has declared that “will combine their efforts in the election campaign of 2016 with the “Party of Growth” and in particular put forward a single list of candidates of parties in elections to the state Duma on the Federal list and single-mandate constituencies”.

It should be explained that at the regional election campaigns last summer beeps (as well as Vladimir Ryzhkov, Dmitry Nekrasov, also going to the Duma from the “Yabloko”) supported the “Civil initiative”, whose campaign in the regions was responsible municipal Deputy of the Moscow district of Shchukino Maksim Kats, who now heads the headquarters Gudkov.

Because of this, the merging parties Nechaeva and Titov on the background of the conflict Gudkov and Potapenko was perceived by many as a violation of previous agreements. In particular, about this in his Twitter wrote Alexei Navalny: “the Democratic coalition”, which included his “Party of Progress” last summer, actively conflicted with “Civil initiative”, putting forward their candidates in the same regions. Political forces, like today, accused each other of violating the agreement.

Navalny said the news about the Association of Nechaev and Titov in the following way: “Delicious. Postcard to everyone who ran for us in 2015 and squeal that the GUY is not corrupt Murzilki”. Later he explained that “KI” is “Nechaev. A great opposition leader and Democrat. Idol Gudkov and Katz”.

Amazing. Postcard to everyone who ran for us in 2015 and squeal that the GUY is not corrupt Murzilki pic.twitter.com/ZgBGjMmCrk

Alexey Navalny (@navalny) 23 may 2016

It responded already and Nechaev himself, Navalny replied that “the person that ran for mayor (of Moscow — ed.) with the support of Edra, and then the collapse of the democratic coalition, it’s time to talk about morality in politics.” Charges under the policies, apparently, was referring to the fact tolerance to Navalny election of the mayor of Moscow in 2014.

On the question of our publication about how Nechaev sees his role in the campaign of the “Party of Growth”, he noted that he did not want to enter into the Federal list, but wants to go on the Leningrad district of Moscow and, probably, will head the Moscow list”.

At the same Nechaev is not going to agree on the breeding candidates with neither the EP nor from “Fair Russia”, from which, presumably, will be nominated Deputy Galina Khovanskaya. However, Nechaev hopes that the “Apple” will be able to agree on the division of counties, because of the party Grigory Yavlinsky here is a well-known activist and editor of the newspaper “Our North” Julia Galiamina. Nechaev has noticed that quite a lot of work in the district during the election campaign to the Moscow city Duma therefore considers it a priority for yourself.

It Galiamina she wished Nechayev and the other competitors to divide the Pro-government electorate”. “The better,” she wrote. Nechayev replied that such a statement “confirms once again the negotiability of the “Yabloko”.

In the same conflict Gudkov and Potapenko politician suggested not to inflame passions, as until this appointment”. However, I’m sure Nechayev, it is appropriate to agree on the breeding candidates themselves and party leaders — Grigory Yavlinsky and Boris Titov.

Nechaev said that it was ready for negotiations with Yabloko, Yavlinsky, however, unlike Titov, has not yet responded to his offer anything specific.

Note that Maxim Katz also commented on the agreement Nechaeva and Titov in his “Live journal” he wrote that “unfortunately, Andrey (Nechaev — ed.) seems to hit in a long list of people who fell for the opportunity to “try to pass” to the Duma within the Kremlin liberal project, and agreed to cooperate with the “Party of Growth”. In my opinion, can not participate in projects run by clandestine opponents, even if it seems that it can give some buns to you personally”.

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