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Monday, October 24, 2016

Scientists have deciphered the ancient Egyptian love spells

Having completed the translation of two papyri axirinci — manuscripts written in Ancient Egypt 1 700 years ago, a group of Italian researchers from the University of Udine I came to the conclusion that some of these manuscripts represent spells, while other ancient medical recipes. Soon the transcribed texts will be published in the journal of the Society for the study of Egypt.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Oxyrhynchite papyri documents discovered by archaeologists near the ancient city called Occuring in Egypt. The number of these manuscripts reaches hundreds of thousands, and they were written in the mid-I through mid-VI century ad. Two texts that have attracted the attention of the authors of the new study were discovered in 1896. They are written in the Greek language, however, this does not mean that it was not written in Egypt — in a certain historical period, the language of the country was quite common, передаетlivescience.com.

One of the spells, deciphered by scientists, is a call to gods demanding “burning heartwomen before moment before she was smitten with love for the sorcerer. Another spell directed at the man who discreetly require to attach a copper plate with a magic formula to the clothes of the victim and intended to subdue the caster for his vicious person. In both cases, magic has no predetermined goal, and the texts are formulated in such a way that they can substitute the name of the person you plan to cast a spell.

As one of the major components of medical recipes, written on the other side of the discovered papyri are the feces of animals. In particular, the “eagle droppings, pounded with wine, is offered as a cure suppurative tonsillitis. Some other combinations, including litter bittern with honey, as written in the manuscripts not intended for use in medical purposes, and in order to “enhance pleasure”.

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