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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Grand Prix of the festival in Sevastopol gave Ukrainian Director

In Sevastopol ended XII international festival of documentary films and TV programs “Won together”. Masters discussed the heroes of the great Patriotic war, the professions, culture, and ethnicity. A lot of Directors and writers turned to the psychological portraits of his contemporaries. A special program “News” was devoted to films on the theme of the hotspot of Donbass.

photo: morguefile.com

On the works awarded by a professional jury, the public Council of the festival and diploma that was awarded on behalf of the press, – the material of our special correspondent.

The first festival of documentary filmmakers was held in Sevastopol twelve years ago at the initiative residing in the Crimea, Heroes of the Soviet Union. Later, the festival program has been extended. Now the audience and the jury saw two large programs: documentary competition, and the competition of television programs. Among the participants of the festival were over one hundred people from 21 countries.

In the DOCUMENTARY competition were awarded 5 prizes.

The Grand Prix was awarded to the film Varvara Filipchuk “Translate me through the Maidan”. The film was shown a funny and sad story of two friends from Kiev, who were on opposite sides of the fence, and, nevertheless, framed each other’s shoulder in a difficult moment. Despite the differences, understand that they need each other. This film is set in the first place and press. On behalf of the journalists the Director from Ukraine Varvara Filipchuk was awarded special diploma “For the laconic, metaphorical solution topical issues”.

The prize for best Director named Igor Shadkhan documentary Smirnov “Truce”. In the story of the picture – the family, disintegrated for political reasons; a wedding in a dilapidated city, where it is difficult to find a Bridal salon; shell-shocked dogs, catching under the wheels of cars; the mother of a militiaman, who lives on the other side of the front and asks not to remove it because it will not just have representatives of the SBU. All of this – crazy, but by the standards of the residents of Donbass – quite ordinary.

The prize for best cinematography of a name of Anatoly Golovnya the film Tatiana and Vladimir Borshch, Chovancova “Nikolai Przewalski, the Expedition of a lifetime”. The author of the script and Director are trying to answer the question: “who was the Russian traveler Nikolai Przewalski, a scientist or a Russian spy? Why is he so persistently sought to Lhasa? Why Asians call it the Holy? The operator in the picture was Elijah Emanuel.

The competition was presented with so many young artists that the festival was an award for the best documentary debut. Awards in this nomination was awarded to Daria abaturova of Perm for the documentary “diary of a teacher”. The film tells about how a graduate of the University decides to make an experiment and gets a job in the provincial normal school. Young teacher begins to record a video diary, in which openly talks about their problems, the discoveries, the victories and the first is looking for the answer to the main question: to stay in school or leave?

photo: Svetlana Finds
The prize for the best documentary debut got Daria abaturova of Perm for the movie “diary of a teacher”.

The prize for the best film about the war received Vyacheslav Serkes for the documentary “20-th block. Rabbit hunt”. The film tells of how in February 1945 from the 20th block of death, Mauthausen concentration camp made escape more than four hundred Soviet POWs. Hungry, naked, exhausted people began hunting. Alive managed to stay only nine.

Special diploma of the jury was awarded to the documentary “Truck candy” directed by Paul Fattakhutdinov and Svetlana Bobrova from Yekaterinburg. The authors showed how the youngest son in a large family Biukovic trying to create my own family.

Special jury diploma “For the originality of the directing and the visual expressiveness of the film” was awarded to the film “Ciao, Rasma!” the Director from Latvia, Laila Pakalnina and cameraman Arco OKKO. In the centre of the documentary – the Latvian sunken military ship “Rasma” and the fate of the people who live nearby on the island of Mohni off the coast of Estonia.

The jury in the contest of TELEVISION films was even more generous rewards.

The prize for best TV film went to the film of Vladimir Golovnev, “Two childhood”. In the center of the film – a documentary look at the life of high school students on the eve of the anniversary of the Victory. The film tells about the dark side of patriotism.

photo: Svetlana Finds
The prize for best TV film went to the film “Two childhood”.

The prize for the best script the name of Maximilian Voloshin went to the film Catherine Dorofeeva “Vasily Eroshenko. Road to the sun”, which tells about a talented writer, the musician, the main singer of the language Esperanto, which, being blind, travels the world and teaches blind people to feel this world and to live a full life.

The portrait prize for the best essay was awarded to the film Director Satybaldy Tekeeva from Kazakhstan Sagadat Nurmagambetov: the last interview”. In the center of the picture – the story of a Lieutenant who became a General.

The prize for the best cycle got Elena laskari for the film “War and peace Marshal Rokossovsky” (the series “More than love”), which tells about the personal life of the commander.

Award For topical reporting” was awarded to Vladimir Isayev and Alexander Novikov “the Mystery of black transplantologists” (cycle “Doctors without borders”). An exclusive report was made in Pakistan, which is one of the centers of the “black” Transplantology.

The prize for best television program was awarded to Irina Mingaleeva for the film “Ornament. Kaga”, which focuses on the inhabitants of the ancient village, which revere their traditions, do not forget crafts, find the time to work hard and have fun.

The prize for best TV series went to film Jan Peter “Diaries of the great war” (co – production Germany, France and Canada). The film tells the story of the First world war through the eyes of ordinary people from different countries.

The prize of the program “Military secret” got Krasnoperov Konstantin for films “Diary posted by”. The film is dedicated to war correspondents and operators, who always remain behind the scenes, whose only weapon is a camera and a Notepad. The author of the film couldn’t attend the ceremony, as it is now in the Donbass.

Special jury prize “Pride of Russian culture” got a picture of Andrew Sudislavskogo “Eugene Chirikov. The exile of the Russian land” of the writer, playwright and essayist, who left his homeland and gained fame in Europe.

The award for best mini – series was awarded the film directed by Boris Sarakhatunov “Kim and Clara”. In the center of the film – the story of Soviet military intelligence the print Gnidash (Kim) and the radio operator Clara Davidyuk.

Diploma for the best TV show name of Belz Svyatoslav went to the Director and screenwriter Vyacheslav Lagunov for creative work “about the Mandelstam Mandelstam” about the life of one of the most prominent and controversial poets of the silver age.

Diploma for the best social and philosophical per – job name Gemma Firsova was awarded to Ilya Baranov for the film “Romania with the dream of greatness” (cycle “Liberated Europe”). The authors multiseries documentary – fiction film reminded what processes in Europe led to the outbreak of the Second world war. In the picture shown were Chronicles found in the archives from 13 countries.

Also, a diploma in this nomination was awarded to the film Grigory Ilugdin “Twenty lives and one life to live”. The story is about a 30 – year-old disabled Vladislav Pikulev from Zelenokumsk suffering from cerebral palsy, which returns the names of the people in Stavropol who had gone missing in the years of the great Patriotic war.

Special jury diploma “Portrait of an era” was the film of the Ukrainian Director Igor Telegin Shock for Stalin.” The film narrates about the pilots – heroes of the 31st Guards air regiment, which fought on the aircraft, purchased by the farmers of the village Shotivka Kherson region and the Ferapont Holovaty who on the personal funds bought on the first plant the YAK – 1.

Special diploma of the jury “Friendship of peoples” was awarded to the film Nazgul Autoremove “In fire for the Motherland”, which tells of the soldiers – Kazakhstanis, the heroes of the great Patriotic war.

Special diploma jury awarded to Tatiana Donskaya for the film “Good morning”, which tells about a young talented hockey player Nicholas Prokhorkina, who in his first season in CSKA has managed to become a leader and the best scorer of the team.

Also at the festival were awarded SPECIAL prizes. So the Prize of the festival President Vladimir Menshov went to Lydia Zelovich from the Netherlands, a native of Serbia, for the film “My personal war”. The author reminisces about what she had experienced their family during the bombing in Sarajevo.

The prize of the festival organizing Committee received documentary Alexander olkova “Bogomyakov” (cycle “the Titans”), which was dedicated to the hero of the Tyumen region – Gennady Bogomyakov, which proved the inexpediency of construction of HPP Nizhneobskiy and saved from inundation of the area is suitable for extraction of oil and gas. Now he is, by many forgotten lives in a remote village.

photo: Svetlana Finds
The prize of the festival organizing Committee received documentary “Bogomyakov”

The prize of the Governor of Sevastopol was awarded to Chinese Director sanle for the documentary series “In search of Granny”. The authors in the film traced the fate of the Soviet pilots and tank crews, who in 1937-1941 years together with the Chinese comrades fought against the Japanese aggressors.

Special prize of the public Council of the festival has received a documentary of Andrey Demin “Odessa. Black spring”. In making the film was attended by more than 20 direct participants in the events – in their opinion, this is the most truthful film about the tragedy on may 2, 2014, when the House of trade unions died in a fire about 50 activists antimaydanovskogo movement.

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